Top 5 Ways of Using Hair Sprays


We often talk of hair sprays as being negative for hair. This is true as it has alcohol and chemical content. But, you must keep in mind one more thing and that is, when it comes to hair styling, hair sprays really play a key role. With hair sprays you can try variety of hair styles. This would add glory and elegance to hair. But the only thing is, make sure that you don’t use the hair sprays almost everyday. You must use them occasionally. But, the best thing is, when you use these sprays you can actually tame your hair strands the way you wish. Also, if you have had an oily scalp or oily hair then spraying this styling product on the hair would again add volume and fresh look to your hair.

Here we have mentioned the top 5 ways of using hair sprays.

5 ways of using hair sprays

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Top 5 ways of Using Hair Sprays

♥ If you have bought a reputed brand of hair spray then you will really have a good and flexible hair style. This will help in adding good finish and hold to your hair. But, when you are applying these sprays, make sure that you apply on bit damp hair. Also, after applying, you must quickly comb the hair and spread it thoroughly. This is because; if it stays in one place only then it would give distorted look.

♥ If you feel that your hair is looking quite frizzy then you can take the solution within the spray in your hands and then apply it on the hair. This will add smoothening effect on hair.

♥ Hair spray will also help you in forming curls. In fact, this can be used for curls without heat.

♥ If your hair looks quite thin then you can use the hair spray to add volume to your hair. Hold your hair upside down and then comb the hair strands in the reverse direction. Now, add some hair spray to your hair and feel the difference.

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The reasons why people say that you must not use excessive hair spray.

Using hair spray excessively would create allergies for your scalp. Some people can develop asthma with use of hair sprays. Also, the alcohol and chemicals as present in hair sprays would lead to hair damage and breakage. There is one more thing that you must keep in mind. When you have used this hair spray you should then wash off the hair with the mild shampoo. This will help in removing the chemicals form the hair. If you forget to wash off the hair then there would be toxin build-up. While you are buying this styling product make sure that you buy one that is rich in Vitamin E. If it is rich in sodium and silicone too then it will help in retaining moisture and thus would keep your hair away form dryness. We hope you liked this article and now you know what are the pros and cons of using hair sprays.

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