Benefits of Fenugreek for Hair Fall Problem


If you have hair fall problem and are quite irritated and tensed due to that then the first thing you should do is try some natural method. The web is full of solutions for hair fall and hair re-growth. But a few solutions would be potent. One of the best solutions for hair fall is fenugreek. The Benefits of Fenugreek are very much and it is popular natural remedy that boosts hair growth. Also, it reduces hair fall. You can just give it a try as there are absolutely no side effects in this. Here’s how you can use fenugreek seeds for hair growth.

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Benefits of Fenugreek (Methi) for Hair Fall

1. Make hair mask out of fenugreek seeds: Take handful of fenugreek seeds and soak them in water for one night. In the morning you will see that the seeds have swollen. Remove water and grind the seeds into paste like form. Apply this on your scalp and wait for sometime. You can keep this for an hour and then wash off with plain water. Lukewarm water and a mild shampoo will be enough to wash off the particles on your hair. This treatment can be undertaken once in ten days. Instantly, you will see shine in your hair. But over a period of time there will be betterment in the hair fall condition as well. Also, this will help you in reducing the scalp infections and dandruff problem.

2. Alternatively you can use the same hair mask but while making the paste you can add egg yolk to it. This will nourish the scalp and hair. It would make your hair healthier and there would be freedom from frizzy hair.

3. You can add almond paste to the above mentioned methi seeds paste. Same procedure should be followed. You will get benefit in hair condition.

Consuming Methi leaves and seeds

benefits of fenugreek for hair loss

It is true that such things are popular now due to the web based media and awareness among the people in regards to natural stuff, but the use of methi seeds is an age old procedure. People, even earlier have used methi seeds for making hair beautiful and strong. Adding it to your food can also give benefits to hair. Methi is rich in iron, potassium, vitamin C, Lecitin etc which make hair healthier and better. Also, the credit of long, black and beautiful hair can go to such amazing nutrients present in fenugreek seeds. You can add methi seeds to your foods like dal, curries etc. You can make powder out of the seeds and then take this powder with water daily. It will help in controlling blood sugar level and cholesterol levels. Thus automatically, it will benefit the metabolic condition of the body which can add further balance to your health.

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Good hair is reflection of your good health. If you have amazing hair then it would mean that perhaps your health is in tip top condition. Never underestimate this valuable herb. It is flooded with benefits. You just have to try it and see how you will change your life for better.

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