How to Get Rid of Greasy and Oily Hair?


Many people suffer from itchy and dry scalp. But greasy hair condition is worse than the former. This is because due to greasy hair you can really display a dull look. The main cause of greasy hair is the overactive sebaceous or oil glands on the scalp. The right balance of sebum produced will provide the required levels of hydration. But when there is over activity of the sebum producing glands then this can result into oily or greasy hair. The condition can get worse when the oily hair would accumulate dirt and thus there would be unhygienic conditions. There can be several causes of over-active sebaceous glands. This can either be hereditary or it can be due to mismanagement of hair. It may even be due to improper use of the available hair products or improper hair products. Sometimes hormonal changes or imbalances can cause greasy hair due to over active sebum producing glands.

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How to Get Rid of Greasy Hair?

Apple cider vinegar:

It is a known fact that apple cider vinegar is an effective natural treatment for frizzy hair. But very few people know that apple cider vinegar also works well for greasy hair. Mix 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in 1 cup of water and then keep it aside. Apply shampoo on your hair and wash it off. Soon after that apply this mixture well on your hair and scalp. Let it settle down for a while say for ten minutes and then wash it off with plain cool water. You will be happy with the results because vinegar helps in getting rid of dirt and it also reduces the sebum production on the scalp. You will get wonderful results if you use this therapy around twice or thrice a week.

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Lemon juice and aloe juice:

Lemon and aloe juice mixture can also give very good results. Mix lemon juice with aloe vera juice. You will see that the pores of the scalp that had held dirt would really get unclogged and there would be a complete detox of hair and scalp. You can carry this out with only lemon juice too. But when you mix these two magical juices together, the results would be quicker and better.

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Many people have a question in mind that whether or not the people who have extremely oily and greasy hair can have an oil massage or not. Well, coconut oil massage once a week would give good results. But rather than keeping the oil overnight, it would be better to keep the oil only for twenty minutes and then wash it off with a very good quality shampoo.

While using hair products like styling gel, make sure that they are oil free. You should buy the best quality products that have good reputation. People who buy good hair products never have to repent.

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