The best Beauty and Makeup Trends for 2016 that you must try


2016 has crept in with a bang. It has brought so many new things. Yes, for the glamour world too it has brought in so many amazing surprises. If you are looking for the makeup colors that are in for the year then just read on. Here we share with you the best makeup trends for 2016 that you must know.

beauty and makeup trends for 2016

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Beauty and Makeup Trends for 2016

♥ If you still like matte finish lipsticks then just keep them somewhere you can’t actually find because glossy is in. Opt for glossy lipsticks and some really bright colors.

♥ If you like natural curls and waves then no need to straighten your hair. Gone are the days when you have to be specific about your hair. But now rather than that, you can flaunt yourself honestly the way you are. So, if you are having some natural waves in your hair or some natural curls then just go ahead and flaunt them. Hair color is still very much in. you can use sparkling colors and those that come in the packet version.

♥ Glittering thing is in. You can add glitter to your looks. Yes, you can add this to your makeup and to your hair too. But this would suit the funky kind of look or the party look.

♥ If you have natural freckles then don’t hide them. It’s ok. They are natural.

♥ Don’t overdo any makeup. This will tarnish the look. Just let your skin breathe. A bit of nude look would also look fine. But never overdo as summers want the skin to breathe.

♥ The chestnut colored lipstick is very much in for this season. It is lighter than brown and looks awesome. Experiment with this color.

♥ Have you ever tried anything else except brown and black in eye liner? Well, this summer would give you chance to explore a lot. Try the cobalt colored eye liner and see the magic that your eyes would spread. Also, if you wish, you can try white colored eye shadow. This may look bit funky but you can create the wings over your eyelids.

♥ Golden and silver eye shadow colors are back. If you want to attend a party and want to look glittery then opt for silver or golden eye shadow and you would really make it to be center of attraction.

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♥ When choosing hair color you must keep in mind the tone and color of your skin. If you can really get some good compatibility, things would be very much in your favor. Try these amazing tips!

We hope you find this article best beauty and makeup trends for 2016 quite inspiring. So, try these new trends and make your summers really special. Every season has a few changes and additions. Just be ready to change a bit so that there would be novelty in your looks. Using newer makeup trends and colors is a good way of turning on the button of magic.

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