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Most of the women visit salon when they look forward for a perfectly shaped eyebrows. But good news is that you can get your dream eyebrows at home too. Yes, perfectly shaped eyebrows have the potential to make you look gorgeous and here are the ways and means with which you can truly get what you deserve. Females get the eyebrows threaded or waxed. But before you actually go to the salon you can actually figure out what kind of eyebrow shape you want and based on that you can use the eyebrow pencil or tweezers and decide whether you want thin or thick eyebrows. 

how to get perfect eyebrows

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Here’s how you can move ahead

Where you want your eyebrows to start from:

The first thing that you need to decide is where exactly you want your eyebrows to start? If you start too far the perhaps it will not balance the looks. You should use your imagination to certain extent and move to the point where you exactly wish to start the eyebrows. Make a dot there with the eye pencil. You should do this activity for both the eyebrows. Make sure that this task is done with cent percent accuracy so as to balance both the eyebrows perfectly.

Perfection of peak:

Every eyebrow has a peak and mostly it is naturally made. But to attain perfect eyebrows you should find out where exactly the eyebrows peak at. Look into the mirror and take a pointed instrument that has a straight line and measure as to where the peak is. Put a dot there with the eyebrow pencil. This should be done for both the eyebrows.

Where the eyebrows should end:

You should take the pointed tool and then mark the point where the eyebrow ends. It should ideally end at the cross edge of the nostril. Measure this rightly and make dots for both the eyebrows ends.

What thickness you want:

Once you have marked the start, peak and end you should determine the thickness of the eyebrows. Some people say they like thin and some people say they like thick eyebrows. But what is important is the eyebrows are compatible with eyes shape and size. Yes, the shape of the eyebrows should also be influenced by the shape of the lip. Apart from this, you should also determine as to what is there in trend.  Taking all these points into consideration you need to decide about the shape and thickness of the eyebrows.

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This is the plan you can carry to the salon before you actually step into getting the eyebrows done. If you wish to pluck them on your own then you will need tweezers. You should comb the eyebrow hair in the direction where they grow and then tweeze the extra hair that show up above the line and look uneven. If you are plucking at home then don’t get into too much plucking as it would look awkward. To fill in the gaps you should use eyebrow pencil and then comb them neatly. You can use eyebrow gel so as to make them look prominent.

We are sure you would love the above tips to get perfectly shaped eyebrows.

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