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Morning routine does not allow you to spend much time in front of mirror. You need to do quick and easy makeup to get desirable and professional look in office. There are tons of eye shadow shades for night time, date or daily day time in office. Especially if you are having dark skin then you need to take extra care of your makeup.

eye shadow shades

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You have to play with safe colours for pretty eye shadow makeup at workplace or office. Now it depends on type of work you do. If you are in creative work environment then you can do experiments on your eye make and can use range of colours for eye shadow shades. But if you work in conservative environment then you hardly have many options but to go with natural colours. Try to explore more and more eye shadow ideas. Here are the few quick and easy Eye shadow tips for daily office wear:

Neutral eye shadows:

Colours that matches your skin colour are best to use in day time. Brown, beige, caramels and white are the colours that suits most in day time and are perfect to wear in office time.

Eye shadow primer:

It is always good to give a strong base to your makeup if you want it long lasting. Especially if you have oily skin then applying primer on eye lids can increase the longevity and your makeup can stay for whole day.

Combining the makeup products:

Eye shadow colours have to be perfectly combined with eye liner and mascara colours you are using. For example light brown and natural pink eye shadow when used with brown liner and mascara will give you perfect natural look.

One place one colour:

If you are using colour along the lash line or in the inner tear duct or outer skin around eyes. Try to apply one colour at one place. It will look decent and will give you pretty eyes you desire for.

Earth tones:

If you got bored with brown and pink then opt for some earth tone shades like bronze, silky grey, olive green or red brown. They are rich, shiner and can be used once in a while. However keep the application light.

Colourful accent:

You want to do experiment with eye shadow shades but are afraid to do so then you can try green and purple in starting. As these colours are not vivid and can go with any type of skin.

Don’t forget mascara:

Mascara makes your eyes look bigger and broad. Curl your eyes and then apply few coats of black mascara on top lashes only. You can go with chocolate brown or charcoal grey colour also. 

eye shadow tips

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These are obviously not the only eye shadow ideas that you can follow at bounded workplace environment. Hope these eye shadow tips will give you some idea of how to apply eye shadow on your eyes daily. Listen to your heart and do it. But working in some constraints will always make you more creative and do experiments.

Always remember natural is best. Especially in day time choose the natural eye makeup and give your best look at your workplace.

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