7 Tips to Make your Eye Shadows Look Brighter


Perhaps you love making a dramatic presence wherever you go with your bold eye makeup but unfortunately the intensity of your eye shadow doesn’t measure up. Why is it that women in ads always seem to get it right but you don’t? Though a palette of eye shadow shades seem vibrant, yet they fail to deliver on your eyelids.
Well, all is not lost. You can still get those bright shades on your eye lids to give your makeup a bold effect by using these tips to make your eye shadows look brighter:

7 Tips to Make your Eye Shadows Look Brighter_New

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7 Tips to Make your Eye Shadows Look Brighter:

Use an eye primer:

It’s essential to use an eye shadow primer if you want the end result of your eye makeup to be brilliant. Eye shadow primers have various uses: first, they increase the life of the eye shadow; they make the eye shadow look vibrant and they make the color spring up on your eyelid. It also works so that the color on your eyelid is not affected by your natural eyelid pigmentation.

While eye primers are available in a spectrum of finishes, you can choose a skin tone variation so that your natural eyelid pigmentation gets evened out and your eye shadow springs up.

Brighten your eye shadow with eye shadow base:

Here’s one good way of making your eye shadow appear bright. By using eye shadow base, you offset the thick and creamy formula of the eye shadow base which heightens the color of eye shadow and makes it stick to the eyelid with your eye shadow.

Keep your other facial features natural:

If you want the major focus to be on your eyes, keep the rest of your facial features absolutely natural. This way, you can easily call attention to your bright and vibrant eye makeup.

Go with a white eye pencil:

If you want an alternative for eye shadow, there’s nothing better than an eye pencil. Using an eye pencil, you can hold your eye shadow securely in place. It also adds extra color to the eye shadow as it is opaque and negate any eyelid pigmentation.

Enlarge your eyes with white liner:

Using white liner can enlarge your eyes significantly. When used on the inner rim of your lashes, the whites of your eyes look larger than before and brighter too. Even if you’re a novice at makeup, this tip among all the other tips to make your eye shadows look brighter, can help you achieve the look you want.

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Highlight your brow bone with a concealer:

If you highlight the end of your eyebrow at the brow bone, it will lift your eye and draw all the attention you want it to have. For this, it’s best to use a concealer of a slightly lighter shade than your skin tone so that it offsets the color around your eyes.

Layer your eye shadow:

One of the best tips to make your eye shadows look brighter is to layer your eye shadow a couple of times so that it springs out and looks larger than it really is. When making your eyes look large, it’s also important to pay attention to concealing your dark circles as this could look terrible if people notice them.

Now, you needn’t despair about not getting the right makeup that could enlarge your eyes. These tips to make your eye shadows look brighter can give you all the attention you seek.

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