Recipes for Natural and Safe Home Made Lip Balms


In winters or when the climatic conditions are quite dry, you will see that our lips get too much dry and this dryness is more than any other part of the body. All we need is safe and effective lip balms that would help in sealing the moisture into the lips and giving smooth and soft lips. How amazing it would be, if we can make home made lip balms? Here we give you some really useful recipes.

natural lip balms

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Recipes for Home Made Lip Balms

1. Coconut oil and honey balm:

You should take some honey and put a few drops of coconut oil into it. This will work as an effective lip balm for regular use.

2. Vitamin E capsules, honey and melted beeswax:

If you have been looking for extremely dry and chapped lips then you should make balm out of Vitamin E capsules, honey and melted beeswax. This will help in adding moisture to your lips and keep them smooth. This would stay for a longer while on your lips and thus this recipe is perfect for those looking for exactly the balms that are available in the cosmetic stores. The problem with the readily available balms is that, they might have some ingredients that would not suit your lips. But this home made lip balm is extremely safe and has no side effects as such.

3. Honey, essential oils and petroleum jelly:

If you have been looking for some quick recipe for lip balms then take pure petroleum jelly and add a few drops of honey and your favorite essential oil into it. Now, mix them all thoroughly and your effective lip balm is ready.

We hope that you find all the above recipes quite helpful. The reasons why cosmetic lip balms are not advisable is due to the following reasons:

  • The chap sticks or the lip balms as available readily in the cosmetic stores would be rich in camphor and menthol which would dry up the lips quickly again.
  • Some of the ready balms have salicylic acid and this would peel the skin of your lips which would give a rough effect to skin.
  • Some lip balms also have alcohol which would not be good for longer term health of your lips.

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Just because of the above reasons, we advocate use of home made lip balms. They are easy to prepare and you can make them readily and apply on your lips. These home made balms for lips would help in sealing the moisture and keeping your lips soft and smooth. Try them now. You can use them in any season. These are apt for winters as well as summers.

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