The Best and Easy Lip Makeup Tutorials


We often feel that application of lipstick would be enough for the lip makeup. Well, it is not so. Lip makeup may not be quite elaborate but it would have some basic steps that you must follow. So, just follow these things step by step and see how you can manage to look great with the right lip makeup!

Easy Lip Makeup Tutorials

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Step by Step Easy Lip Makeup Tutorials

It may seem quite easy to apply lip makeup. But here are several steps you must follow:

♥ The very first thing you must do is exfoliate the lips. You must take the mix of olive oil and sugar and apply this gently on the lips and you must massage it at the same time. This will help you make the lips smooth and there would be softer lips for you as the dead cells are removed.

♥ Once you are done with this, take some lip balm and apply it on the lips. You can make natural lip balms at home. If you want to buy a ready one then buy a good brand of lip balm.

♥ The next step would be to remove excess balm if you had applied a lot. For that you can use the ear buds.

♥ Now, take some foundation and apply it a bit on your lips. This will help you get the exact tone of the lips.

♥ Now, take the lip liner that would match the color of your lipstick. If your lip stick is going to be in dark shade then choose the lip liner accordingly and if the lipstick would be lighter then choose the light lip liner. Apply the lip liner properly so that the lips are properly lined. Don’t leave any corner. You can use the lip liner in a tricky way. As in, if you wish to have bolder and bigger lip look then you can use the lip liner even below the lip line. This will give your lips thicker look.

♥ Making choice of the right lipstick makes a good amount of difference. You must choose the lipstick as per your complexion. Apply the lips tick in two coats. The first coat and the second coat. Now, after you have done that, just dust some powder and this will help to have the long lasting effect on the lips.

♥ Now take some lip gloss and add shimmer for your lips.

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The above lip tutorial is quite simple. Even though it seems that there are many steps, it is pretty easy. We hope you liked the above simple Lip Makeup Tutorials and you would use it in daily routine.

When choosing lip products make sure that you choose them with care. This is because; we often opt for the items that may have expired or quite old. In that case, it would affect the health of your lips. The right lip care regime and the right makeup would really make you feel gorgeous and smart. Follow the right tactics and steps.

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