7 Lipstick Tricks that can Make you Look Dramatic


Lipstick can make a big difference to your face and to the impact you can make. It can draw attention to your face in either a small but effective way or it could make your face look dramatic or even downright sexy. But how? Well, you need to learn a few lipstick tricks so that it looks better, lasts longer and works like magic for you. Here are some magical ways you can achieve these three results:

7 Lipstick Tricks that can Make you Look dramatic

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7 Lipstick Tricks that can Make you Look Dramatic

1. Smoothen your lips:

To ensure your lips accept lipstick seamlessly, begin by exfoliating your lips. This works especially well if you’re going to apply a dark shade. Get rid of lip dryness and flakes before applying smooth, creamy lipstick.

2. Apply a layer of foundation:

To get just the color shown on the tube, you need to apply foundation on your lips and then blend it over your lip line so that it vanishes into your facial skin. Alternatively, apply lip balm on your lips, blot them and then cover it with powder so that you now have a base that lasts longer than foundation.

3. Apply lipstick using an angled brush:

To define your lips perfectly, use an angled brush to apply lip color. The firm bristles of these brushes can give you a very perfect lip outline.

4. One swipe of lipstick should last you hours:

You can make one swipe of lipstick remain on your lips for hours by blotting it with tissue. Then, dust your lips with translucent powder, using an eye shadow brush. Now dab on another swipe of lipstick. Blot and powder once more before you put on a third layer of lipstick.

5. Want a sexy pout? Try this:

To have full pouty lips, you need to fatten your upper lip. Use a flesh-colored liner to outline your Cupid’s bow. Next, blend upwards and create the shape of a shadow and a full lower lip by using an angled brush. Follow this up by adding matte brown eye shadow to outline the middle of the lower lip line. Among all the lipstick tips here, you’ll agree this one’s a winner.

6. Pastel colors on your lips:

You can create your own pastel color of lipstick instead of going out and buying a shade you see in the shops. For this, you need to outline your lips with white eye-liner. Next, dab on the shade of lipstick you want on your lips. Purse your lips and blend them. Clean up the outline and corners with your angled brush and you’ve got the pastel shade you want so badly.

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7. Don’t waste your precious lipstick:

If you’ve reached the end of your lipstick, don’t throw it away. Instead, scrape the bottom of the tube using an orange stick and mix what you get with white petroleum jelly and use it as a new glossy lipstick shade.

There are several lipstick tricks you can try out. But to make a subtle yet definite difference to your appearance, go with the ones mentioned here.

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