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If you have a sensitive skin and you wish to use all home made skin care products then yes, you can go ahead and take that step. This is because, if you have a very sensitive skin the perhaps the cosmetics might not suit your skin. In that case if you make skin care products at home, you know that you have used all natural ingredients that would be safe and soft on your skin. In this article, I will give you an idea about how can you take up DIY skin care products. Here we give you a few easy and helpful recipes.

home made skin care products to look beautiful

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Recipes for Home Made Skin Care Products

1. Moisturizer for your skin:

Take a mix of olive oil and coconut oil and then add melted beeswax into it. This will be a very good moisturizer that you can apply at night. This would be apt for almost all types of skin and you can preserve this in a bowl or bottle for a month. If you add some zinc oxide into this, then it would become a natural sun screen lotion.

2. Anti ageing lotion:

We all want to look young and so here’s an amazing recipe for anti ageing lotion for you. Take some coconut oil and add fermented cod liver oil into it. Now take some Shea butter and mix with this. Take vitamin E pills and put this into this. Now, when you blend them all together, it would be a good anti ageing lotion.

3. Natural exfoliator:

If you wish to make a natural exfoliator at home then take some salt and add brown sugar to it. Now, add honey and make a paste like consistency. This would work as a natural exfoliator so that you can get rid of dead skin cells on the top layer of your skin as well as within the pores.

4. Deodorants:

You can create an amazing deo spray out of essential oils and water. Take some rose water. Add your favorite essential oil into it say jasmine oil. Now add some normal water to this and put this in a spray bottle. This is your natural deo spray.

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The reason why you should make skin care products at home is because there would be no harmful ingredients inside. Also, you can save your money. These are quite affordable. Many people have started turning towards these home made skin care recipes. This is because there has been alertness among people in regards to how amazing these home made recipes is and how they are cheap as well as beneficial. Above all, they have absolutely no side effects and this can really save you.

We hope, you loved the above recipes for skin care as they are the tested ones and are safe for your skin too.

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