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Facial acne is something very common among females and teenagers. This is because apart from other causes, acne causes mainly due to imbalance in hormones and in teenagers and women the hormonal changes occur abundantly and thus they are more prone to acne than the rest. But merely hormonal imbalance can not take away the credits for acne; there might be other reasons too due to which acne is caused. Most important thing is how to treat acne. Acne can really create an embarrassing situation for you when it occurs on the face. People search for immediate and quick results for getting rid of acne. Here are some of the solutions for treating face acne.

remedies for face acne

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Remedies for Face Acne

Aspirin face packs

Most of the people do not know that aspirin face packs are useful in treating acne. Yes, aspirin the small tablet which you normally take for of your headache also has some beauty related benefits. Take a few pills of aspirin and make powder out of it. Then you should add some water into it and if you wish you can even put 2-3 drops of tea tree oil. With this paste, you can get rid of the facial acne. Apply it on the affected areas or use the face mask for the whole face and see you will really be happy to see the clearer and better skin. It benefits a lot in acne and at the same time it also gives you a better skin tone.

Change your diet

If you have an oily skin already then you have to be very careful with your diet. Try to maintain a balanced diet with very less oily stuff. Have lots of green veggies, fruits and leafy vegetables. These things help you in attaining a skin that would look vibrant and glowing. Avoid oily and junk food for good skin.

Keep your face clean

We all know that there’s lot of pollution outside and thus the dust and dirt accumulate within your skin pores. Make it a habit to wash your face regularly with good face wash. Take lukewarm water and wash face generously with that to get rid of dirt. The dust and dirt get clogged in skin pores and then there’s formation of blackheads and whiteheads which can then lead to the problem of acne.

Use oil free cosmetics and skin products

Already you have an oily skin and thus when you buy the skin care products or cosmetics see to it that they are water based and not oil based. This is because more the oil, the skin condition would worsen. You have to be careful in this.

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Take vitamin A, Vitamin C and zinc rich foods

You should consume foods that are rich in vitamin A and zinc. This will help you in maintaining a better balance of the skin. Have fruits like papaya, citrus fruits and foods like tofu, beans, mushrooms etc everyday. This will ensure that you get all kinds of nutrients and thus your skin would remain healthy. Many people try this diet treatment for face acne.

There are many ways and means for treating face acne naturally but the above methods are tested ones and thus you would get better results with them.

You can try all the above methods along with aspirin face packs and get acne free skin at home.

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