Best Home Made Oatmeal Face Packs for Wonderful Skin


No one is cent percent happy with the kind of skin they have. Those who have dry skin feel that rather than such rough skin it would have been better if they had a bit oilier skin. Those who have oily skin crave for dry skin. Well, but the point is no one has perfect skin. But it can surely be achieved. Well, you don’t have to go here and there in search of it. All you can do is just trying home made oatmeal face packs and hurrah that would work for you! Oatmeal is rich in silica content, amino acid content and fiber content and thus it would do nothing but bless your skin. The best thing about oatmeal face pack is that oatmeal has no side effects and thus anyone can use that.

oatmeal face packs

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Oatmeal is a food item which is full of fiber. But it also has some amazing benefits for your skin. Here are the best home made face packs for you created out of oatmeal. Just try them.

oatmeal and honey face pack

Oatmeal and honey for dry skin:

If you are having a dry skin and want the soft look and touch all the time then you can try this oatmeal and honey face pack. Take 2 tablespoon of powdered oatmeal and add a few drops of raw honey into it. To give it the paste like look and feel you should even add a few drops of milk in it. Now mix this thoroughly and keep it as it is for 10 minutes. This will make the paste proper and there would be no lumps. Now apply this face pack on your face and keep it for 30 minutes. Wash it off with plain water. If you follow this therapy once a week you will get wonderful results.

oatmeal and tomato face pack

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Tomato and oatmeal face pack:

If you have an oily skin and are looking for the perfect tone and texture of your skin then you can try tomato oatmeal face pack. Take one tomato and crush it in mixer. Add powdered oatmeal into it and make it like a paste. You should now apply this on your face and keep it for 20 minutes. You will be able to remove the extra oil form your skin. You can follow this therapy once in ten days.

Oatmeal face pack for reducing pores:

You should add powdered oatmeal into curd and this face pack helps in reducing open pores on the skin.

Oatmeal for balanced skin:

If you are having a skin type but all you are looking for a balanced skin type then you should take some milk cream, olive oil, turmeric, powdered oatmeal, almond powder and lemon juice. Mix all these ingredients and make it in paste like form. Apply this on skin and you will really be happy to seek soft and supple skin. Anyone with any type of skin can try this face pack.

The above remedies have simply no side effects. You should try them and give your look, complexion and texture a boost.

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