Looking for tips for perfect lip shape ? Here are some that will blow your mind


All young women dream of having bee-stung lips that catch the male eye. Wouldn’t you like to have them too? Well, we aren’t all blessed with the best features, but if we can alter what we have to get what we want by using tips for perfect lip shape.

Types of dream lips:

Here are the top three types of lips every woman dreams of having:

  • Hollywood Lips: Here, the upper lip is full, with minimal enhancement of the lower lip while maintaining symmetry and balance. Haven’t you seen Hollywood stars with these lips?
  • Cupid’s Bow Lip: A definite ‘V’ on the upper lip is characteristic of the Cupid’s Bow Lip. Once you add volume to these lips, you get the much-desired pouty lips.
  • Bee-Stung Lips: Here, the lips form a heart shape in the middle, while the corners are bare, forming a well-defined pucker effect.

Looking for tips for perfect lip shape

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How to get the perfect lip shape:

A lot of willpower and some facial exercises can give you just the kind of lip shape you desire. Some of these facial exercises are:

Say “O”:

Use both lips to form the letter O. Keeping both lips tense, smile so that your cheek muscles contract. Not only will your lips get the shape you desire, but any wrinkle formation near your mouth will be negated.

The Suck:

Place your index finger in your mouth and suck on it. Can you feel your cheek muscles and your lips contract? Hold this pose for about five seconds, relaxing your mouth slowly. Now, remove your finger and begin again. Do 10 reps. This exercise is good for tightening and toning your cheek and lip muscles and giving them a full look.

The Pout:

Purse your lips, the lift them up to your nose. Hold the pose for five seconds and relax. Repeat a few times.

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Tips for perfect lip shape:

While the above are just exercises to get the perfect lip shape, here are some tips for perfect lip shape that can draw a lot of male attention to you:

  • Drink a lot of water all day so that your lips are well hydrated. You can also keep your lips hydrated by installing a humidifier at home which can play the role of moisture in your indoor air.
  • Lips don’t contain melanin, so they are highly vulnerable to sunburn. To protect your lips from sun damage, apply sun-protection products like moisturizer.
  • Don’t smack your lips as this action damages the protective layer that dries lips. Use lip balm to keep your lips soft and supple. Try using shea butter, almond, coconut or jojoba oils or beeswax or even petroleum jelly.
  • Use matte lipsticks once in a while as they are very drying or you end up getting chapped lips. Alternate using them with hydrating lipsticks so that your lips are always moisturized.

So, girls, use these tips for perfect lip shape and exercises to get those hot, dreamy lips that everyone wants.

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