How to Have Two Toned Lips for Bold Look ?


In the field of makeup and cosmetics, there is obviously no rule. But often, we tend to put several rules and thus what we believe is, this is how this thing has to be done. But rather than trying such boundaries, it would be better to try some bold ways of applying makeup. Have you ever heard of two toned lips? Yes, this is a bold way of applying lipstick. Just read on.

two toned lips

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Two Toned Lips for Bold look

Being bold is not like being a rebel. We often feel that being bold is like being rebel. But that’s not true. In fact, by being bold, we would be open to more options. This would really be good for those who have put some bounds. Just be open and accept new ways! Here are some of the ways; you can adorn your lips with two tones.

1. Get a funky look:

Of you want a funky look then try the candy coated two toned lip look. You can experiment with any colors you want. This would be like blue and yellow or red and white and so on. This would be great, if the entire theme at the party is funky look.

2. Adorn lips with sporty style lipstick:

For getting a sporty style, you can use maroon or green but with lots of glitter. This would be amazing, if you are going to watch some sports somewhere in the stadium. It is true that the two toned lipstick would define the upper lip and the lower lip. Also, it can help you look bolder.

3. Match your hair with lipstick:

If your hair is violet and black then you can adorn the lips with the similar colors. You can apply black or gray and violet. This would look different yet amazing.

4. Flag on the lips:

If you support your country then you can use the colors of the flag too. If there are stars on your flag, then you should adorn the lips with the stars too. Thus, you can experiment the way you want.

5. Using two similar colors for toned effect:

If you are not a bold person and if you want to still try a two toned lips look then you can choose two lipsticks of similar shades. Like light peach and light pink. These two colors would complement with one another and can look awesome. This is a no risk experiment and would suit the vintage look too.

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There are many other ways too. But if you are still a beginner then you should try the above methods. If you are not sure as to how they would look on the d-day then you should first try them. A trial prior to the main day would help you to get confidence and carry the lip colors with an attitude.

You should be ready to try new things in life. You should be a bit funky, a bit wild and a bit different than the crowd.

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