Handy Tips to While Applying Blush for Round Face


A make up kit isn’t complete without a blush. Blush is very essential for a round face as makes your face look really contoured as well as slimmer and is good for acing a chiselled a jaw look. A right swipe of the suitable colored blush can do wonders for you as it will enhance your look as well as give you the perfect photogenic look. Most of the people are unaware that there are different ways to apply blush depending upon the face structure. Applying the blush for round face in the right way will give you much better results. When you are contouring your round face with a brush , there a few tricks you that you need to remember.

Blush for Round Face

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Here are Certain Tips to Keep in Mind while Applying Blush for Round Face

1) Select a color of blush that matches your skin tone. If your skin is pale then pinkish shades are perfect for you. Rosy shades look lovely on tanned skin tones. Peachy shade is perfect for Indian tanned skin and a light rosy blush will look amazing on Indian white skin.

2) Do not use glitter or shimmer blush on the hollows of your cheeks.

3) If you are making use of a powder blush then make sure you do not directly apply over a foundation with powdery finish. Doing so will result in blotchiness. Massage your skin with a moisturizer before beginning. If you do not want to make use of a moisturizer then opt for a tinted moisturizer instead of applying foundation on your bare face and then use a powder blush on your face. For a cream blush, utilize it on a powdered compact base. This will reduce the blotchiness. There is no need to worry about foundation types in this situation.

4) Avoid the use of make up sponges, cotton balls, swabs or finger tips. The best thing to invest in is a blush brush of good quality. Ensure that the bristles of the blush brush are satin soft in touch.

5) People with a round face type always wish to make their face a bit slimmer and less round. For this purpose, contouring of face is very vital as it makes your face look chiselled and oval.

Now that you know about the Handy Tips and Tricks, you are Ready to Apply a Blush

1) Make use of the blush on the tiniest areas like between your eyebrows and hairline. This will make your forehead look sleeker.

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2) Now suck your cheeks in and begin with the contouring of your cheek apples. Swipe gently in in 2 to 3 strokes along the sides on your cheek apples, begin from the skin near mouth point leaving approximately half an inch till the point near your ear.

3) Blush is the very handy product as it can be used for contouring the cheeks and for making the nose look sharper at the same time. Take the brush apply in 1 single straight line throughout the sides of your nose. Repeat this on other side too but do not apply over the nose bone.

4) Use the brush to gently apply the blush on both the sides of your chin. Leave 1 inch space and then apply blush on this area.

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