Important Tips to Hide Big Nose


Some people have big nose and some have small. But people are never happy with the way they look. Thus they want to look different. If you have a big nose then perhaps you would be interested in hiding the same. In that case, it would be important to use some make up tips. Make up to hide big nose can help you look the way you want. Thanks to the make up that one can hide inherent flaws and look awesome. It is true that some people would want to use surgical options. But there would be hosts of side effects and also this option would be quite expensive. But quick makeup tips to hide big nose will really give you the desired look without any extra cost. Try them.

tips to hide big nose

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How to Give Your Nose the Desired Look?

1. Hide your dark circles:

Often the dark circles under your eyes tend to project the big nose. Thus make sure that the first thing that you do is hide your dark circles. With this there would not be much attention on the nose. Use a concealer to conceal the dark circles. After that you will see that the nose would not be projected as too big.

2. Make up on nose and around nose:

If you are having a big nose and you wish to hide the same then you need to apply a dark colored foundation on the nose and around nose. This kind of makeup will make the nose look smaller. You can use dark tones on sides and then lighter one on the top to bottom towards the nostrils.

3. Highlight the other features:

If you feel that people would have more attention on your nose then find out which other features are appealing. Suppose if you have beautiful lips or eyes then try to highlight that particular feature on your face. If you have amazing lips then try an attractive colored lipstick so that people would simply look at that and get mesmerized. If you are blessed with beautiful eyes then you should apply the make up in such a way that the eyes would not go unnoticed.

4. Wear something appealing:

You should wear something amazing if you are going out for the party. Also, you need to wear a smile on your face. Confidence and smile can really work magic on the way you look.

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Apart from the above tips, what really matters is the features that you have been given by the God should be accepted. You should not struggle with the way you look. Have ample of confidence and show them too. Of course, using various make up tips and color play for hiding a big nose would be a practical thing to do. But make sure that you are happy with whatever you have. People often think of surgical interventions. But they are not only costly but might even pose some risks and side effects. Thus it would be important to take a prudent decision.

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