Makeup tips for a Thinner Nose


Every face has certain distinctive features, but what happens if you have a broad nose that makes your face look heavy? Can’t you use some makeup tricks to make your nose look slimmer and give you an overall slim look? Sure, you can. In fact, there are so many Makeup Tips for a Thinner Nose that you can use, that you’ll never have to resort to surgery. You’ll even be surprised why you never resorted to them earlier. Here they are for you:

Makeup Tips for a Thinner Nose

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Be shine-free:

Your face can look larger than it actually is if it is oily. So, the first golden rule for you is to clean your face of all oil. You can use blotting paper, tissue paper or finishing powder till you achieve a shine-free face.

Contour your nose:

While applying foundation, ensure that you use different shades in the areas near your nose. Use the ones as near as possible to your skin tone. To slim your broad nose, apply a shade of foundation darker than your skin tone on both sides of your nose. Next, using a clean brush, highlight the bridge of your nose with light colored powder. Now, blend the entire area with the help of a sponge.

Make your other facial features appealing:

You can distract attention from your broad nose to your other facial features by making them very appealing.

Don’t wear large-framed specs:

Instead, use glasses with small and simple frames or again you would be calling attention to your broad nose. If you can, it would be better if you shifted to wearing contact lenses instead of specs.

Here are some more makeup tips for a thinner nose that you can use successfully and see the transformation in you:

Makeup Tricks for a Thinner Nose:

  • Apply foundation and then contour your face by dipping your angled brush into contour cream, powder or eye shadow. Draw a line on either side of your nose and let the lines extend to the bridge of your nose if your nose is very broad. To get a continuous line, blend all the way up to the eyebrow tip.
  • Is your nose wider at the base? If yes, draw a line from your nostrils outward.
  • If you have a wide nose tip, draw a downward arrow till you reach the end of the nose and it will look slimmer.
  • Once you’ve done this, dip your brush into your highlighter powder, cream or eye shadow and draw a thin line down the middle of your nose.
  • Use a makeup sponge or a fluffy brush to blend in your lines till they are invisible. Blend in beautifully until you achieve a natural look without any visible lines.

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With these makeup tips for a thinner nose, you actually give yourself a much better defined look while also concealing any other facial defects you might have had. And yes, all this by saving yourself money on expensive surgery!! Isn’t that great–a new you on a budget?!!

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