Herbal Medicines for Skin Care


We all long for a blemish free, glowing beautiful skin but it is very hard to maintain the quality of the skin in today’s world filled with stress, pollution and hours of travelling in the sun. Today the market is filled with plenty of skin care products that guarantee good skin but these so called tested products are loaded with chemicals and can damage your skin further. You must be wondering then what actually is the solution? The solution is to make use of natural ingredients to make your skin healthy. Herbal medicines are a wonderful way of getting rid of various skin problems as well as for enhancing the appearance. Some of the useful herbal medicines for skin are packed with such beneficial components it is as if they are a boon to the skin.

Herbal Medicines for Skin Care

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Listed Below are some of the Wonderful Herbal Medicines for Skin Care :

1) Cinnamon for glowing complexion

Cinnamon adds a kick to hot drinks and cookies but it is also loaded with antioxidants. Antioxidants are substances that prevent and fight skin damage. Cinnamon is extremely useful and contains more antioxidant value than ½ cup of blueberries. For a simple antioxidant boost, put half teaspoon of cinnamon on the coffee grounds before you brew it.

2) Green tea for skin protection

Green tea is loaded with catechins which have strong anti-aging , antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects on the skin . Topical green tea is used to thicken the epidermis, to speed up the healing process of the wounds as well to stop an enzyme because of which uneven pigmentation is caused and thus it means less sun spots. According to various studies using a serum or a lotion thirty minutes before exposing your skin to the sun can reduce the risk of sunburn and DNA damage. If you are going to be in the sun for long hours, then it is recommended to apply green over your sunscreen for better protection.

3) Hot peppers to fight wrinkles

Hot peppers like jalapeno, chili, paprika and cayenne can do more than satisfy your taste buds. These hot peppers also defend and protect your skin. Vitamin C and Vitamin A are found in peppers that restrict the breakdown of collagen and combat free radicals for keeping the integrity of the skin in check. The colorful peppers are full of capsaicin which works like a sunscreen to protect the skin from damage caused by harsh harmful UV rays. Ingesting the peppers is very vital for enjoying their regenerative powers. But the capsaicin which is so good for the skin internally will burn if you apply it topically.

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4) Turmeric to reduce inflammation

Turmeric is being used since ages in India and it really is very useful. This wonderful herb is loaded with anti-inflammatory benefits because of the high quantity of antioxidant curcumin present in it. According to various researches, curcumin may also provide assistance in fighting melanoma when the affected area of the skin is treated topically with this wonderful herb.

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