Easy Home Made Hair Treatments with Vegetables


Hair strands are something we should always be careful about. We should have awesome hair and for that some efforts are to be out in. Well, as we know that vegetables can give you multiple benefits for health, skin and hair. In this article, we would show you some amazing recipes and treatments that would use vegetables for keeping hair healthy. Just refer below for easy home made hair treatments with vegetables.

hair treatments with vegetables

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The Best Hair Treatments with Vegetables

The topical treatments:

♥ If you have premature gray hair then you should take grated potato and mix it with cow’s milk. Now apply this mixture on your scalp. It is believed that the ingredients in both these things would help in reducing the premature graying of hair.

♥ If you are losing too much hair everyday then you can try Indian gooseberry powder as mixed with coconut oil. Take this mixture and massage on your scalp. You can follow this remedy once a week. It is believed to promote hair growth. You should know how to stop hair fall and that will really help you naturally.

♥ Have you ever heard of Amaranth vegetable? Take leaves of this veggie and blend them to get the gel out of the same. Now, apply this blended thing on your scalp. It helps in premature graying of hair and also helps in hair growth.

♥ Take curry leaves and put that in coconut oil. Warm it up and then massage this on your scalp. This remedy helps in enhancing blood circulation. Now, this will stop hair fall too. You can also use this method to get rid of damaged hair issue.

Diet Treatment for Hair

When you are changing your diet a bit, that would affect your hair too. So, if you are looking for home made hair treatment with vegetables, here are some amazing ideas for you. Try these remedies in your diet and see the magic!

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Beetroot and carrot juice:

Both beetroot and carrots are good for hair. You should make it a habit to consume this juice daily. This will help you restore the nutrients in the body. Also, this juice is high in antioxidants. So, it will help you a lot in keeping general health in the best condition.

Banana and potato smoothie:

If you drink banana and boiled potato smoothie twice a week, it would supply nutrients to your hair and would make them strong. Both these foods are loaded with vitamins and minerals.

Avoid refined foods like flour, jam, bread and processed and oily foods. Rely more on fresh fruits and vegetables. This will help to reduce the problem of hair loss.

Often home remedies to fight hair loss would be effective. Try them. Above all, you should find the root cause of the hair problem you have. There can be varied hair issues like per-mature graying, hair breakage, split ends, dry hair and so on. Find out why these issues have occurred and get some easy yet effective remedies. We hope you liked the above easy home made hair treatments with vegetables.

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