Best Skin Care Products for Kids


Today the market is flooded with in-numerous skin care products of different fragrances, shapes, colors and so on. But the reality is that most of these so called tested products are laden with harsh harmful chemicals. The adult skin isn’t so sensitive and thus doesn’t get affected by these chemicals. But a baby’s skin is extremely sensitive and soft and these chemicals may damage their skin. Most of the mother’s rely on trial and error method or take the advice of friends or relatives but this is very risky for your kid’s sensitive skin. But you don’t need to worry and stress any more as listed below are some of the best skin care products for kids which will surely protect their gentle skin.

Best Skin Care Products for Kids:

Best Skin Care Products for Kids

1) Himalaya

Himalaya is extremely well known for safe baby care products containing hundred percent ayurvedic and herbal formulations as well as some wonderful natural ingredients like fenugreek, Bengal gram, khus khus , almond oil , olive oil and aloe vera . The various products in the kids range include powders, pre-bath massage oil, lotions, post bath creams, soaps, shampoos. Himalaya products are very safe and gentle and are perfect for baby’s soft skin.

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Best Skin Care Products for Kids - Jhonsons baby care products

2) Johnson’s Natural

Johnson’s and Johnson’s baby products range has come under excess criticism from environmental and health groups in both India as well as abroad. But the brand is really working towards cleaning this bad image by their Johnson’s Natural product claim which claims to have at least ninety eight percent natural ingredients that is the various elements from mineral based resources, fruits and plants. These products are also said to be free from parabens, dyes, animal cruelty and allergies. This line includes shampoo, baby wash and lotion.

Best Skin Care Products for Kids - bio bloom baby care products

3) Bio Bloom

It was started as a project to find out natural ways of health and skin care. Bio bloom claims that its products are free from artificial fragrances, harmful chemicals and parabens. This brand offers products made of ninety five percent natural ingredients. They are also known to be working for achieving an organic certification.

Best Skin Care Products for Kids - la flora baby care products

4) La Flora Organics

This is a Pondicherry brand that claims to have hundred percent natural bath products, soaps and body care products made using aromatherapy and Ayurveda formulations. These products are hundred percent natural made by hand in tiny batches using mixtures of essential oil as well as organic edible oils and various effective herbs. These products are not just cruelty free but are also created without using synthetics , animal fat, soap and harsh chemicals. They are cruelty free, biodegradable and organic certified. Some of the wonderful products available for kids and babies are massage oils and bath soaps.

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Best Skin Care Products for Kids - omved baby care products

5) Omved

The brand dedicated to sustainable and natural living claims that all the products ethical that is safe for you as well as for the earth and very authentic. Omved products are chemical free, natural, biodegradable and handcrafted . Omved makes healing creams, body washes, bath bars, ubtan, massage oils and lotions.

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