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Yoga should be introduced to the children at early age so as to take them towards healthier lifestyle from young age. Our children live in busy and fast world. They have consistent study pressure, peer pressure and instant competitions. These activities lead to a stressful life for our children. Practising yoga is the best way for your child to encounter these problems. Yoga is about learning and exploring with fun. Here are some lessons that a child can learn from yoga.

yoga for kids

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  • Explore your body: When we practice yoga poses we actually learn how to move and deal with our body parts. We also learn that how our body parts will behave while performing various activities. Practising these postures will make your muscles flexible and strong.
  • Balanced Breathe: The asana for balancing our breath is called paranayama. Practising this pose will help you to control your breathe. It will bring calmness and peacefulness to our mind.
  • Use the energy efficiently: Human body is a warehouse of life force energy. Problem is that we don’t explore it. Doing yoga will help you to identify the energy in you and will make you learn how to use it efficiently.
  • Mind Calmness: Practising yoga will help you to control your thoughts. It will help you to quite your mind and increase your concentration power.
  • Take care of yourselves: Teaching children that how they can take care of themselves is one way of showing love. Yoga teaches us to take care of our body, mind and our thoughts.

After learning all these benefits of yoga we will discuss the 4 yoga poses for kids which they can practice in routine.

4 Yoga Poses for Kids:

Warrior pose:

warrior pose for kids yoga

Stand straight and step your left foot back such that your foot is facing slightly outwards. Take your both arms in parallel with floor, bend your right knee and look straight in forward direction.Pretend yourself to be strong.

Tree pose:tree-pose-for-kids-yoga

Stand on one leg and bend the other leg knee such that its foot sole touches the inner tight of straight leg. Raise your arms above your head. Stand still for 2-3 minutes then change the legs.

Chair pose:

chair pose for kids yoga

Stand straight with your feet apart. Bend your knees slightly while keeping your spine straight. Raise your hand in front and keep them straight and pretend to be a fearless skier.

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Dog Pose:

dog pose for kids yoga

Lay down on floor with your stomach downwards. Palace your palms on floor and press to get up your whole body from ground. Make sure only palms and toes should touch the floor and make a upside down V shape with your buttocks high in the air.

Hero Pose:

dog pose for kids yoga

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Sit on ground with knees touches the floor. Place your buttocks on your heels. Keep your hands on your thighs and twist your upper body in one way and the other.

The best thing about yoga is that children can practice yoga alone, with friends or with group. Schools are also introducing yoga moves for kids in their curriculum and encourage their students to practice after school or weekend classes.

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