Special Diet for Toddlers with Cold and Cough


Children often get cough and cold and since they find it intolerable, they keep on crying. This really becomes a matter of concern for the parents. They really can’t see their children crying so much. Here we are talking about the toddlers around 2-3 years of age. Cold and cough can take place among people of any age and sex. But it really is quite irritating and requires treatment. You can consult the doctor for medications. But at the same time you should prefer a special diet that will help your toddler to get rid of cold soon. Yes, some of the food items do help in reducing the symptoms of cold.

cough and cold in toddlerHere’s a special diet for cold for toddlers so that they can get out of the problem at a faster speed.

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Special cold and cough diet for toddlers

Clear vegetable soup:

Vegetarians would be happy to know that a vegetable clear soup can not only impress your tongue twisters with great taste but it also is enriched with nutritional value. The toddlers who suffer from cold can be given a small bowl of vegetable clear soup. This will really help in enhancing immunity and get rid of symptoms of cold quickly.


Onions help in drainage of mucus and thus it is considered as one of the favorite foods in cold. You can add onions to curries and soups and give it to the toddler. This will really give quick results.

Orange juice:

Orange juice can help remove toxins from the body and thus toddlers can be given orange juice as well as grapefruit juice for better immune system and for boosting the resistance.


Garlic is anti-biotic, anti-viral and anti-septic in nature. It helps in reducing the health issues including cough and cold.


Water helps in removing toxins from the body and thus children should be given more of water so that there would be removal of wastes from the body.

We often feel that toddlers are not drinking milk and then we would force them to do that. Well, it would be better to avoid dairy products at such times. However, yogurt can be consumed after blending a few fruits with it.

healthy toddler

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Children would feel quite awkward and irritated when thy have cold. They would just not feel like eating anything. Try to be playful with them rather than frustrated at such times and give them some quality time. You should pamper them and make them have the above foods in their diet so as to get them out of the cold and cough issue. Cold, flu and cough are all viral in nature. Rather than medications, it would be better to take care of the diet and enhance immunity.

Immune system is something that needs to be taken of. If cold is not taken care of then it can create discomfort in your baby. Make sure you just impart them a very good immunity. It is in your hands.

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