Why Snip off your Hair when you can get rid of Split Ends Naturally ?


We often think that trimming down the hair or snipping them off would give you freedom from split ends. Yes, this only cuts off the problem area. But there is no guarantee that you would further not develop split ends. Rather than this, it would be better to find out the exact cause of the problem and get rid of split ends naturally. You must be having gorgeous long hair. But only due to split ends, you are compelled to snip them off. Well, don’t do that to your hair! Here we have some really effective remedies that will help you get rid of split ends. But before that you should know what the symptoms of split ends are!

remedies for split ends

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Symptoms of Split Ends

  • If your hair have started tangling more than before. It’s a sign that you have split ends in your hair.
  • Just checkout the ponytail. If you find discoloration at the end of the pony tail, this indicates that there are split ends.
  • You will see that hairs are uneven.
  • You will see Y shape in the end of your hair.
  • Hair would look fine and thin.

If you have above symptoms, immediately contact your hair stylish and ask her to check the same.

Best Remedies to get rid of Split Ends

1. Know your hair type:

The most important thing is, you should know what your hair type is. If you have fine hair and a bit frizz in them then you are sure to have split ends. In that case, you should get your hair trimmed a bit every month. This would help you snip off the split ends. But if you have thick hair then you need not trim the hair as the chances of split ends coming up would be quite rare.

2. Nourish your hair well:

Often, we don’t have time to untangle our hair. Also, our hair would stay dry and frizz. This would be one of the leading reasons of split-ends. Add nourishment to your hair with healthy hair packs. Here’s a recipe for you. Take egg white and add some curd into the same. Now apply this all over your hair stands from the top to the ends. You can even add a few drops of olive oil into it for further smoothness. Keep this hair pack for 30 minutes on your hair and then wash off with a mild shampoo. You will soon see the positive effect, if you follow this remedy once a week.

3. Massage your scalp gently:

You should have a habit of massaging your scalp gently everyday. You can use oil massage or a normal massage. If you wish to use oil massage then you can do that once in 3 days. Take some coconut oil and olive oil mix and then make them a bit warm. Now apply this on your scalp and hair strands. You will see that this massage therapy would benefit you to a better extent. It would be best to use this massage therapy at night and then leave the oil overnight.

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4. Stop using harsh and strong products:

Since your hair strands are quite sensitive, we would recommend that you stop using harsh chemical products for your hair. Also, while washing your hair with a shampoo, use normal water. Avoid using hot water.

All the above remedies would help in saying bye to the split ends. Yes, they would never return back again!

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