Banana Hair Conditioner for Dry and Damaged Hair


We have always had bananas in our diets thinking that they are a perfect source of nutrients like potassium, iron and many vitamins. Yes, it does give you a very good health. Have you ever heard of banana conditioning your hair? Yes, bananas give your hair a perfect luster and health. If you have had damaged and dry hair then you should try banana hair conditioner.

Here we give you a brief idea about how bananas can work as a natural conditioner for your hair. Bananas are rich in Vitamin C, E and A. Also, they have natural oils. Thus if you have frizzy and dry hair, you should try these DIY banana conditioner. Just read on the following recipe and create your own hair conditioner at home.

banana hair conditioner

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Amazing Banana Hair Conditioner at Home

  • All you need is 2 mashed bananas, coconut milk, honey, olive oil and rose water. Create a paste like consistency with all the above ingredients. If you want, you can even use two spoons of yogurt into this.
  • Now, apply this thoroughly into all your hair strands right from roots to the ends. If you want to spread this evenly then you should use a thick comb and spread the entire conditioner evenly on your hair.
  • Keep this for 30 minutes and relax. If you want, you can put on a shower cap.
  • Wash off with water and mild shampoo.
  • Now towel dry your hair.

Reasons why banana conditioner for hair is awesome

Banana hair conditioner for hair has so many benefits. The above mentioned conditioner has coconut milk which would add smoothness to your hair. Also, bananas would impart nourishment to your hair strands. The fragrance of rose water is relaxing and pleasant. Those who have brittle hair and have problem of hair loss, should use this conditioner twice a week.

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If you want better effect on your hair then before applying this conditioner you can take up a hair and scalp massage with a mix of olive oil and coconut oil. This would make your hair even more shining and lustrous after application of the banana conditioning and hair wash. This conditioner adds moisture and hydration to your dry and damaged hair. Thus, when you have been searching for an apt natural remedy for damaged hair or frizz hair then you should try this banana conditioning for hair.

We often pay high prices for the chemical conditioners and products. But, rather than using those harsh products, these DIY things are affordable and safe to use. There are no side effects of the same.

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