What can be Effective Remedies for Blackheads ?


When talking about blackheads, the most important thing that has to be cleared is, a blackhead is not the one that is caused by dirt. In fact, when there is an open pore and the sebum from sebaceous glands and dead cells get together and form something that would affect your skin. Now, when this gets oxidizes due to the environment, a blackhead is formed. When the pore is closed, it really means that there would be whitehead. People feel that scrubbing the face or using the blackhead peel off would help in getting rid of blackhead. But, this can be done only once a week or so. If you are tempted to do that every now and then, it would not help. In fact, it would make your skin dry.

Here are some of the effective remedies for blackheads that would really give you freedom from this irritating issue:

Effective Remedies for Blackheads

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6 Effective Remedies for Blackheads:

1. Exercise and sweat out:

It is believed that exercise can really help you a lot. Yes, it can even help you in keeping the pores clean. When you sweat out, you can actually cleanse the pores and this can keep you away from blackheads.

2. Egg white mask:

Egg white mask can actually be a preventive method to keep away from blackheads. This is because, egg white mask would make the pores tight and thus, it would help in keeping away from blackheads. A simple egg white mask can work. Also, you can mix egg whites with things like honey and milk.

3. Baking soda and water paste:

You should make a thick paste out of baking soda and water. This will help in getting rid of the blackheads and at the same time also prevent the future blackheads. But, if you follow this remedy every now and then, it would make your skin dry.

4. Brown sugar and jojoba oil:

A mixture of brown sugar and jojoba oil should be kept in an air tight glass jar. This would then mix properly for around an hour or so. After that, you should apply this mixture on the entire face. It would surely help you get rid of blackheads.

5. Taking steam:

You should take steam once in ten days. This will help in keeping your skin pores clean. But, while taking steam, you should be careful as too much of heat would damage the skin.

6. Using blackhead strips:

Using blackhead strips can really help in getting rid of the blackheads quickly. This will not take any preventive step. But, it will only help to get rid of the blackhead.

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All the above remedies are quick and effective. If you are looking for a low budget and quick remedies for blackheads then it will really help you. Natural remedies would really help you as they rarely have any side effects. You can try commercial adhesives on your face for blackheads. But again, natural remedies would work very well. Try them and see the difference!

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