Top Five Effective Home Remedies for Dark Circles


“Dark Circles” have become common affairs among men and women. The credit of this goes to the lack of sleep, stress and poor lifestyles. It is important that you find some solution for this. Dark circles should be treated or else your eyes would look tired and your face dull. So, make sure that you use some of the most effective Remedies for Dark Circles. Here are a few for you.

Home Remedies for Dark Circles

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Home Remedies for Dark Circles

Dark circles can really disrupt the gorgeous look of your face. So, just go through the home remedies for dark circles that would help you.

1. Mix tomato juice and lemon juice:

You must squeeze some lemon juice out of lemon and add tomato juice into that. Now apply this mix under your eyes where dark circles prevail. You should follow this remedy twice a week and this will give you good effects. If you want faster recovery then you must drink juice made out of lemon, tomato and mint leaves. Consuming this juice daily would help in getting rid of dark circles at the earliest.

2. Cold milk:

You must take some cold milk and dip the cotton ball into it. Now apply this under your eyes and also on the eye lashes. Relax for a while and keep your eyes closed. This will give you freedom from dark circles and tired eyes.

3. Mix glycerine and orange juice:

Orange juice has skin whitening benefits and so you should take some orange juice and add a few drops of glycerine into it. Now, apply it under the eyes and keep it for 15 minutes. Now wash off the part with warm water. Following this remedy daily will help in quick freedom from dark circles.

4. Grated potato with honey:

You should grate some potato and then add honey to the same. Now apply this mix below the eyes. It will help you get freedom from dark circles.

5. Meditation and breathing techniques:

Often you may get dark circles due to stress and hormonal imbalances. It is vital that you take up yoga, meditation and some breathing techniques on daily basis. This will help in balancing the body’s hormones and adding wellness to general health. If you want you can learn these things by looking at Online Videos or you can appoint yoga coach.

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It is vital that you take up quick home remedies for dark circles so as to give your face the desired look. Tired eyes and dark circles do not look good. So, you must take the right measures that would help you make them invisible. You can even buy good quality and a good brand of under eye cream so as to get rid of dark circles. But such creams would be more effective on under eye wrinkles than the dark circles. Natural remedies are quite useful in making your heath better. If you want nice and beautiful eyes then you should take some natural steps ahead. This will help you regain and retain the beauty of your eyes.

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