Try These Face Masks for Summer Protection


Summers heat has the tendency to make your skin damaged and tanned. But thank God that we have some really amazing therapies that are natural and that would give you relief from the sun’s scorching nature. You should try the face masks for summer protection as mentioned below to give yourself perfect protection from summer’s heat.

Face Masks for Summer Protection

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Some Amazing Face Masks for Summer Protection

Watermelon face mask:

Water melon is nutritious and has cooling effect on skin. It really has the power to hydrate your skin and make it look awesome. Take a slice of watermelon and crush it. Now, add some yogurt into it and a spoon full of milk powder. Apply this on your face and neck. Keep this face mask for 30 minutes and then wash off your face. You will find that your face would glow and look amazing.

Mango face mask:

Summers heat would give a tanned look to your facial skin. You should take some mango pulp and add honey into it. Also, add some yoghurt into it to make the paste like consistency. Now, apply this on your face for an hour and relax. You will really get a perfect look after you wash off your face.

Kiwi and almond:

Take a kiwi and crush it. Now, add almond powder into it. Add a few drops of honey. This mask would also be quite nutritious for your skin. It would make your skin look great. You should apply it on your face and keep it for 15 minutes. Kiwi is rich in nutrition and this will show on your face as well.

Lemon face mask:

You should take some lemon juice and add egg white into it. After that, add a bit of gram flour so as to make a good consistency. Put this lemon face mask on your skin and apply it all over your face. Keep this for 15 minutes. This mask will remove the tanned effect on your skin and would give you a natural glow.

Strawberry pulp:

Strawberries are full of antioxidants and when you apply this pulp on your facial skin you will really get a perfect look. This remedy should be used once in 3 days and then you see the magic.

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We hope that you liked all the above recipes of face masks for summer protection. They are easy to use and anyone can do it. Since all the above mentioned face masks are natural, there are no side effects as such. However, the lemon mask might be a bit strong on some people’s skin with sensitivity. They should use the other face masks as they would not cause redness or itchiness.

In summers you should try to keep your skin hydrated. You should moisturize the skin and use the above remedies for a clear and fresh skin. Also, try to drink lots of fluids and water through out the day as it would help in getting a perfectly beautiful skin. Thanks to face masks for summer that you can get the desired skin.

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