Top Five Bridal Makeup Tips for New Brides


A new bride is nervous and wants to get everything done in the perfect way. She is always under pressure of looking her best. Thus, she has to buy the best attire for the wedding, of course best jewelry would join in and how can you forget the bridal makeup? But, what if some mess happens? We’ll, do not worry, as far as the bridal makeup is concerned, there would be no mess. Just go through our top five bridal makeup tips.

bridal makeup tips

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Best Bridal Makeup Tips for new Brides

Face cleansing:

If you want the long lasting look on your face then you should first cleanse your face. A face, well cleansed can really help you in keeping the makeup for longer hours. Before applying the makeup, just check that there is no dirt on your face. After cleansing and washing the face, pat the face dry.


Never be in a hurry for makeup. Even if your beauty expert is in a hurry, you should tell her that not to miss out the moisturizing step. This is because a well moisturized face looks awesome. If the face is dry and dull then even after applying makeup, there would be no charm on your face.

Highlight the best area on your face:

Even though, applying the makeup would be in the hands of the bridal makeup artist, you should tell her that you want to highlight your best area on the face. For example, if you have prominent cheek bones then you can highlight the same with the makeup. Talk in advance about your expectations form the makeup. This is because, if you don’t do that, you would be painted as some other person.

Concentrate in eye makeup too:

Your eyes are something that would express so many things. Thus you should concentrate well on the eye makeup too. Rather than experimenting with eye shadow colors, you should go ahead with the golden shade. This is because golden eye shadow would go very well with the heavy dress or sari that you would wear on your wedding day.

Use brown or blue eye-liner:

On your regular days you might be using simple black eye-liner. But on your wedding day, you have to look special. Thus, you can try brown eye liner. Even blue would look gorgeous.

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The above tips would really help new brides in looking their best on the wedding day. One more thing, it would be better to use water proof makeup. This is because by chance if there is some sweating or if you cry at your Bidaai then the makeup would become very bad. In order to save yourself form such embarrassment, tell your makeup artist to apply water proof makeup.

The above tips would surely help you, if you are going to do all makeup on your own. If you are doing things on your own then a prior trial is recommended so as to avoid any sort of mess at the end.  With the bridal makeup tips you would simply look awesome.

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