Top 6 Effective Makeup Tips for Wedding Day


Wedding day is something every bride and groom waits for. In fact, for bride, it would be a day when she could look world’s most beautiful woman. Here are the top six effective and smart makeup tips for wedding day so that she would end up with no mess and get the best and gorgeous look that she deserves.

Top 6 Effective Makeup Tips for Wedding Day

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Top 6 Makeup Tips for Wedding Day

1. Look into the climatic conditions before applying the makeup:

Before you apply the makeup, just make sure that the climate doesn’t intervene. You should, therefore, check the climatic conditions first and then based on that you should apply the makeup. If it’s a damp and cloudy day then perhaps a bright makeup would really make you look gorgeous. Also, if it’s too sticky, then make sure that you apply the water based makeup rather than the oil based cosmetics.

2. Find what would be apt for you:

It is really important to keep the makeup customized. There is no same rule for the brides. Also, nowhere it is written, that a heavy makeup would make you look like a bride. Wear only that much of makeup that would suit your skin and look.

3. Moisturize the skin first:

The very first thing, you should do to your skin is moisturizing it. Apply an oil free moisturizer and see how amazing you would feel. Also, it would help you skin to stay supple and soft for long.

4. Never miss the primer:

Wedding day has certain rituals and also the celebrations would go on for the entire day. It would therefore be important that you apply primer. This is the base of the makeup. A good primer would include a good foundation primer which would help you maintain a good skin tone. This would hide certain flawed areas of your skin. Also, it would retain the makeup for long. Thus, you can have a smooth and soft effect through out the day.

5. Applying foundation with a finger is wrong:

Some women never understand that if the basics are not right then you would not get that effect which you deserve on the wedding day. Applying foundation with finger is not right. You should always use a sponge for application of foundation on the face and neck.

6. After foundation, use concealer:

You should apply concealer after you have used the foundation. This is because, you would want a good and unflawed skin. A concealer when used for eyes would help in hiding the flaws and at the same time help in adding a dramatic touch. Also, you can use concealer to highlight a good part on your face like for example, cheek bones.

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The above are the basics. Now, since the foundation pr base is strong, you can surely try different colors with lips, eye shadow and so on. But make sure that, you have had your trial first and only when you have confidence as to which colors would complement with your dress, personality and looks, you should move ahead with that.

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