Strawberry Benefits for Hair


Strawberry is that fruit which is loved by almost all. Other than satisfying your taste buds, this fruit is great for your skin and health. Most of the leading brands use strawberry extracts in their beauty products. Strawberry is like a boon to your hair and here are few ways in which it makes your hair even beautiful. So take a plate of fresh strawberries and read the points listed below that prove how beneficial this yummy fruit is for your hair.

Strawberry Benefits for Hair

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Strawberry Benefits for Hair:

1) Promotes shiny and silky hair

Strawberries can add more shine to your hair. All you need is to do is mash seven to eight fresh strawberries and add one tablespoon to of mayonnaise to it. Mix it well until it turns into a paste. Apply this paste on your hair and scalp and cover it with a shower cap for a minimum of fifteen minutes. Wash your hair with a shampoo as usual. It works as a natural conditioner and gives you beautiful shiny hair.

2) Prevents Alopecia and Hair Thinning:

Strawberry contains a high quantity of ellagic acid which protects your hair from falling or thinning and may also prove to be effective in delaying androgenetic alopecia. It also contains Vitamins B6 and B5 and folic acid which prevent hair fall.

3) Moisturizes your hair

Strawberry provides protection to the cell membranes of the scalp because of its potent antioxidant effects and thus restricts the formation of hydrophobic layer on their surface which protects the scalp from any contact with water. Apply a mixture of egg yolk and mashed strawberries on your scalp to keep your hair moisturized.

4) Fights dandruff

Strawberry can be mixed with certain phytochemicals that have antifungal effects like thyme oil or tea tree oil to get rid of dandruff. Strawberries contain Vitamin C in high quantity and thus it can treat dandruff. Dandruff is caused due to weakened immunity and this wonderful fruit helps to get rid of it.

5) Prevents fungal growth

Strawberry is a good source of minerals like magnesium, manganese and copper. Copper and manganese when combined with dicarboxylic acids produces complexes that restrict the fungal growth on your scalp.

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6) Acts as an exfoliant

A mixture of orange juice or yogurt and strawberry enhances the exfoliating effects of both the ingredients and thus exfoliates your hair.

7) Prevents hair fall

Hair fall is very common today and most of face it. There are various products to curb hair fall but strawberries are a better choice as it is natural. Vitamin C is found in strawberry in great quantity. Vitamin C is a nutrient which encourages iron absorption and stimulates hair growth. Various researches have proved that a deficiency of this essential nutrient may result in hair splits. This fruit also contains silica which helps in curing baldness. Mash two fresh strawberries and add honey and coconut milk to make a paste. Apply this paste on your scalp and hair and do not wash for twenty minutes. After that, wash your hair with cold water.

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