Cayenne Pepper for Hair Growth


Every woman wishes to have beautiful thick and long hair. But in today’s fast paced life, there are several factors that damage and spoil our hair. The markets today are full of countless hair products that ensure beautiful and healthy hair but in reality these so called tested products are loaded with chemicals which in turn damage your hair further. If you desire gorgeous long locks while maintaining the health of your hair then you must opt for natural methods and ingredients. You can make use of the wonderful cayenne pepper for the hair growth treatment. Cayenne pepper is a common household spice and it is excellent for improving the quality of hair as well as for stimulating hair growth.

Cayenne Pepper for Hair Growth

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Benefits of Cayenne Pepper for Hair Growth:

Cayenne pepper also known as Capsicum Annuum botanically is an extremely useful herb. It also used for improving the function of the different systems of the body such as the respiratory system, circulatory system as well as the digestive system. Cayenne pepper is loaded with capsaicin – a useful compound that is primarily responsible for promoting hair growth. The high content of Capsaicin is what makes cayenne pepper better than most of the other peppers like Hungarian pepper, jalapenos and paprika.

Capsaicin triggers the scalp and the hair follicles by creating a tingling sensation. This results in an increased blood blow from the roots of the hair to the follicles. When the follicles are supplied with the adequate amount of nutrient rich blood , a favorable environment is created for good and faster hair growth. Cayenne pepper not only stimulates hair growth but also gives your hair shine and volume.

Now that you are aware of the many benefits of this wonderful herb, it is time to utilize it to make your hair more beautiful than ever.

Mentioned below is a very simple and effective recipe of Cayenne pepper hair tonic which you can make at home .

You will require four to six whole Cayenne peppers, 60 ml of olive oil or castor oil and any dark colored glass bottle.

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Begin by cutting the cayenne peppers into tiny pieces. Add the adequate amount of oil. Now store this mixture the glass bottle for about ten to fifteen days in a dark, cold place. It is very vital to keep the bottle in a dark place as any contact with sunlight can destroy carotenoids which are present in the peppers. Carotenoids is a very useful compound for promoting hair growth. Strain the mixture after the stipulated time and discard all the cayenne peppers. Shake the bottle 1-2 times for better result and effectiveness. The cayenne pepper hair tonic is now prepared. You can apply this tonic regularly to your scalp in the same way as you apply any ordinary oil. It is better to leave this oil on your hair for about an hour before you rinse it off. Shampoo properly to rinse off the mixture and then condition your hair.

The oil present in the tonic prevents the scalp from getting dry and isn’t very aggressive as the oil decreases the effect of heat from the cayenne pepper.

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