Potato Juice for Hair Growth: The Best Remedy


We all find potato quite yummy when boiled. There are so many dishes made out of potatoes. But have you ever thought as to how do they help you in hair growth? Well, it does. Potato juice does help in making your hair wonderfully shining. If you really wish to know how to use potato juice for hair growth then just read on.

How to Extract Potato Juice ?

Take some potatoes and take the peel off. Now you must cut them into small pieces and grind them into liquid. Now take a muslin or cheese cloth and let the pulp fall into it. You must then press the pulp and from below you will see that potato juice is coming out. Your potato juice is ready. Now, we will read on as to how you should use potato juice for hair growth.

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potato juice for hair growth

How to use Potato Juice for Hair?

• If you have been looking for beautiful hair strands then you can use potato juice for the same. Take some freshly extracted potato juice and apply the same to your hair strands and scalp. Now put on the shower cap. Keep this for 30 minutes and then you can wash off with warm water or you can use the mild shampoo to wash off your hair. Also, condition your hair properly with a good quality conditioner.

• Take some potato juice and add honey and egg yolk to the same. Now make the hair mask out of this and apply on your scalp and hair strands. This will make your hair well moisturized. You should keep this hair mask for 20 minutes and then wash off. You can repeat this natural remedy once every week. It will leave you with beautiful locks. Of course, this remedy also strengthens your roots and hair follicles making them stronger. This will enhance hair growth in you.

• You can even make a pre-wash conditioner out of this. Mix potato juice with olive oil and massage on the scalp. Also apply this mixture liberally on your hair strands. You will feel much better. You will see that there would be luster added to your hair strands. Also, this would make hair healthy and there would be better hair growth.

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Potato juice for hair growth is something quite potent and useful. It is also a cost effective and affordable remedy. But do we ever take such easy and quick remedies seriously? We want to opt for the expensive hair nourishment options, hair growth medications and so on. But first, you must try such natural options. After that, if nothing works you can opt for such things.

It is really vital that you value the natural remedies that are available to you. Often, people become carefree as they get such amazing options. It is therefore vital that you know how to manage your hair naturally. Hair is something that should look beautiful and you have to take some efforts for the same.

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