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Some women are lucky that they have luscious and voluptuous hair. But some people do not share such luck and as a result they have thin and frizzy hair. Such hair does not look appealing. Just think you look so nice and you have got ready for the party. But with a bad hair, would you be happy? No! Also, even if you temporary iron the hair it would just be the charm of a day or two. If you want naturally healthy hair then you should not underestimate the power of vitamins.

Healthy hair needs vitamins. But apart from that you should also find out the cause as to what causes hair problem in your case. If you can fight with the root cause then things would come under control. But again for nourishment and maintenance of beautiful hair you need the power of vitamins.

What you need to do to ensure that your hair gets proper vitamins?

balanced diet for hair growth

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1. Eat right and well balanced diet:

If you thrive on fast food and still expect that you will get beautiful hair then you are wrong. You should have a well balanced diet which is rich in vitamins and minerals. Whatever you eat shows in your skin and hair. Thus have lots of fresh fruits and veggies and see the magic. Just change the lifestyle and food for a month and you will get to know the results.

healthy smoothies for hair growth

2. Drink healthy smoothies:

If you feel that from your food there are not much vitamins due to processing of food then you can start having fruit juices or vegetable smoothies. You can prepare various different recipes like avocado banana and yogurt. Almond, cucumber and beet etc. Try to include as many vegetables and fruits in your smoothies and juices so that you can get amazing beauty with health.

vitamin e for hair growth

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3. Add vitamin E to your oil:

You can have vitamin E oil and mix it with the hair oil that you are going to apply. This will give your hair an altogether different charm. This will also nourish your scalp properly.

almond oil and olive oil for hair

4. Olive oil and almond oil head massage:

If you massage your head and hair with almond oil and olive oil mix then it will also help your hair become nourished with the vitamins that these oils have. You should massage the scalp and apply oil in the hair and then keep it overnight. In the morning you can wash off the hair with a good brand of shampoo.

Vitamins are essential for your hair growth. If you are deficient in vitamins then your hair would fall or become damaged. Often the scalp that is dry and under nourished faces infections and problems like dandruff. This can contribute to hair problems and hair loss. It is therefore important to take good care of all that you eat and all that you do. Vitamins can make your hair look great. You should therefore try to include them into your beauty regime as well as health regime.

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