How to Use Juniper Oil for Hair ?


We all want beautiful hair without any sort of problems. But for having beautiful and healthy hair you should follow a good hair regime. Along with that there should also be consumption of healthy and nutritious diet. A combination of your ways to take care of good health and food and the kind of lifestyle you lead, would affect the health of your hair. Have you ever heard the use of juniper oil for hair ? These days this oil has gained much popularity mainly because of the health properties it has. Juniper oil is a good tonic for hair and at the same time it has antiseptic and depurative qualities. Apart from juniper oil helping in reducing pain in the body and creating a healthy environment in the body, you can even use the same for having healthy and beautiful hair.

juniper oil for hair

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Best Use of Juniper Oil for Hair

The first thing that you should know is where do you get juniper essential oil from? Well, you get it from distillation of needles, wood and powdered form of juniper fruit. This distillation is the steam distillation. Juniper is a shrub which is more popular in Europe and the fruits of the same help in getting this essential oil. You can use it for your hair health too!

1. Mix a few Drops of Juniper Oil in Coconut Oil:

If you wish to give your hair an amazing massage then you should mix 4-5 drops of juniper oil with coconut oil and then massage your scalp. You should even apply this mixture on your hair. Keep it overnight and then wash off the hair. You will be happy to get amazing hair with natural luster. If you have some problem like scalp infection then with juniper oil this will be taken care of.

2. Use Juniper Oil for Dandruff:

If you have dandruff problem then you can mix juniper oil and almond oil together. You should add only 5-6 drops of juniper oil in almond oil. Now you can apply this oil mix on your scalp. If you repeat this therapy for a few days then you will get relief from dandruff.

3. Detox Your Body:

Often with toxin buildup in the body you will see that there would be effect on your hair and skin. By adding a few drops of juniper essential oil in your salad or your diet you can detox the body. This is the best way to bring a balance in your hormonal levels as well. If the body gets detoxified then you will see that there would be natural luster on your hair as well as skin.

4. Cures Scalp Infection:

If there is some infection in scalp then you can apply juniper oil mixed with olive oil. This will help in reducing the prominence of scalp infection.

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Thus you can see that juniper oil has so many amazing qualities. If you have hair related issues then you will get freedom from the same if you use juniper oil for hair.

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