Manicure Mistakes that you Usually Make


If you are looking for a cost saving manicure session then you can give one to yourself. But while giving the same you should not make any mistakes. Sometimes you might not even know that you are actually making a mistake. If you continue doing same then you would actually do no good to your nails and in fact things would turn out to be bit scary. Well, here we list a few manicure mistakes that you would normally make.

manicure mistakes and tips

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Do not Make Such Scary Manicure Mistakes

1. We do not use base coat:

The biggest mistake that we do is before applying the nail polish we do not use the basecoat. But basecoat application is the most important steps in your manicure schedule. With basecoat you can retain the natural oils of your nails. When nails directly come in contact with nail polish there would be loss of hydration and oils from the nails.

2. We do not wash our tools:

Often we are in a hurry and thus we do not wash the tools before using them. This can be bad and might cause some sort of infection. You should wash off the tools before and after use with an antibacterial soap. Make soap water and soak the tools into it.

3. Using jet sprays for manicure:

Using jet spray chair for manicure and pedicure is something not ideal. This is because the jet spray cannot be cleaned properly and thus rather than giving you a clean experience, you would find that there would more of dirt into your manicure session.

4. We put too thick nail polish coats:

Some people are quite generous in applying nail polish coats. They would put the coat too thick. This will not only take more time in drying but will also deprive the nail of any fresh air. The top coat can be bit thicker but not the nail polish layer.

5. Shaking the nail polish:

We have a habit to shake the nail polish bottle. But this habit is not right because there would be formation of bubbles which will not allow you to coat your nails properly.

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6. We use quick dry sprays and nail polishes:

We also have a habit to do things quickly. Thus often we settle down for quick dry products like quick dry nail polishes and so on. But this can create dryness in your nails which can make the nails brittle.

7. We start working in water immediately:

Soon after manicure and application of nail polish we start working in water. But remember that you have to wait for at least six hours before you put your hand in water. Remember that hot water is en enemy to nail polish coat. Thus avoid using hot water at least.

The above mistakes are the most common manicure mistakes we make in our manicure session. But you should try to avoid them. This is because making such mistakes would affect the health of your nails. Be cautious and take right steps while doing your own manicure.

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