The Relationship between Manicures and Cancer


Manicures have been lately related to the risk of cancer. Well, the traditional manicures do not pose this risk. But, yes, gel manicures which have become quite popular over a period of time are believed to cause cancer. Thus, yes, you can say that there is relationship between gel manicures and cancer. This is not just a belief, but it has come from the experts. There are researches going on over this so as to find the relationship between gel manicures and cancer.

Relationship between Manicures and Cancer

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The reason why Manicures with gel can cause Skin Cancer

The reasons why gel manicures are popular because they last for a longer time and have a very good effect as far as the looks are concerned. They look amazing but the gel nail polish that is applied on the nails take more time to dry and in this, the nails are required to be exposed to UV lights for some 10 minutes. Here’s where the risk of cancer comes up. As per the study as carried out by JAMA dermatology, the drying machines that use UV lights have carcinogens which can affect your health negatively. But one of the ways of preventing this danger for cancer is, to use sun screen block while the treatment is going on. Also, if you visit the salon for this quite frequently then the risk of cancer would be higher. But if the patient visits the salon only for twice or thrice a month then the risk is not to a greater extent.

How to seek prevention?

Now, since you are aware of the fact that manicures with gel and cancer are related; you should seek prevention by applying sun block to other areas of your hands. Also, it would be better to avoid gel nail polish and opt for the regular one so that you can use the air drying method. But again, if you are not a frequent visitor of the salon for these kinds of manicures then the risk would not be too much. You can even wear UK protective gloves on your hands and only the nails should be exposed to the UV lights. This will help your skin to stay protected. Researches are still going on over this matter and thus, it is still not clear that whether, these kinds of manicures are advisable or not. Too many visits to salon might be the reason for DNA damage. Thus, the risk of skin cancer is there to a certain extent.

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