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When summers come, you always have a concern in mind that now since there would be skin tanning and the scorching heat would also damage your skin to certain extent. But if you are careful about your skin just before the summers start, you can really get the best level of protection and your skin would be in the best condition. The most important thing that you should know about summer skin protection is that you should wear a good sun block with SPF 30 and this should be done everyday. The sun screen should be applied every 5 hours and you must not miss that out.

Best Summer Skin Protection

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Apart from that, here is some of the best summer skin protection advice for you:

1. Keep skin hydrated and moisturized:

In summers chances are that your skin would get dry and dehydrated. This kind of skin would look quite dull. In order to save yourself from that, just make sure that you moisturize your skin daily with a good moisturizing lotion. Also, drink ample of water and healthy fluids to keep your skin look supple and soft.

2. Exfoliate your skin once a week:

You should exfoliate your skin once in a week so that the dead cells forming on the top layer of your skin would be removed. You can use a good exfoliation mask available in the cosmetic store or you can make one at home out of sugar and honey. After exfoliation does not forget moisturizing the skin and using a good sun-block.

3. Use aloe gel for sun burn:

If you get sun burn and due to that, the skin gets damaged then you should use pure aloe gel to soothe and heal the area. Apply aloe gel everyday on the affected area for a few days. Aloe gel is popular for cooling effect.

4. Use anti-ageing cream:

Often skin’s over exposure to sun would give rise to brown spots, premature wrinkles and so on. It is important to use a good anti-ageing cream for wrinkles. This will help in reducing the negative effects of sun’s UV rays.

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Apart from that, during summer you should eat more of fruits, veggies and hydrating healthy fluids. This is because; already there would be lot of heat and humidity. If you rely more on processed foods and oily ones then your skin would be more prone to acne. We deal with summers just like other seasons. But remember, summer skin protection is different and you should be very careful about your skin. If you can manage your skin rightly in summers then half of your skin issues would be sorted out.

Also, some people are quite careless when it comes to applying sun screen lotion. Make sure you do apply in the hot days of summer even when you are at home. You should reapply sun screen every 4-5 hours. This is something, people forget to do. But then to safeguard the skin from the harmful rays of sun, one has to use good quality and reputed brand of sun blocks. Make sure that you are quite specific about summer skin protection.

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