Know about the Causes why you are losing Hair!


Hair loss can really be quite pinching in your heart as you feel that you would lose your glory. But rather than accepting this as routine, you should take measures to fight against hair loss. But, fighting would be possible, if you know the exact cause of hair loss. Yes, there are remedies for hair loss, but first you must analyze the causes. Just read on for causes why you are losing hair.

Causes why you are losing Hair

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Causes Why you are Losing Hair

Normal hair loss is common. You lose some strands everyday. But when this is too much then it becomes a matter of concern. So, let us go through the major causes that might work as villains for hair loss.

1. A few extremes in your life:

You might be under stress or depression. This can cause the phenomenon called as telogen effluvium. In this, the hair would be lost to a greater extent. This might even happen to due quick and rapid weight loss. Some women might face this phenomenon after pregnancy.

2. A few medications:

If you have been on medications like anti-depressants, beta blockers or NSAIDs then there are chances that you might face hair loss. In that case, you should talk to your doctor and get these medications replaced.

3. Hereditary hair loss:

Yes, hair los scan be genetic too. As per leading dermatologists you can inherit hair loss or alopecia either from your mother or your father. If both of them have history of hair loss, then you have higher chances to lose your hair.

4. Thyroid:

If you face too much of hair loss and along with that things like rapid weight loss or rapid weight gain, palpitations, depression, fatigue etc then you should check for thyroid. Hypothyrodism and hyperthyroidism are both responsible for hair loss. Just make sure you get the relevant tests done.

5. Iron deficiency or anemia:

If you suffer from iron deficiency or anemia then you would surely face hair loss. If you get symptoms like common cold, headache, hair loss, difficulty in concentration and fatigue then check out for iron deficiency.

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6. Dandruff or scalp related conditions:

If you have dandruff problem or seborrheic dermatitis or fungal infections in scalp then it can also be one of the leading causes of hair loss. Talk to your dermatologist and you might come up with some solution.

7. Using chemical and styling products:

If you are too often on using the hair styling products and chemical cosmetics for hair then you would see that your hair strands would lose to a considerable extent.

Thus, it is clear that there are many causes why you’re losing hair. The solution would come up as per the exact cause. Stay alert and aware and find out why is hair loss a common problem in you. If you can find the answer to why, then you can also find the solution that is what to do! Hair loss has become a common problem among people. It would be better to find out the reasons for the same first.

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