Know about the Connection Between Hair Loss and Cancer


Hair loss really embarrasses us and at the same time depletes our confidence levels. Now, when cancer leads to hair loss this is something quite painful. Many cancer treatments are responsible for hair loss in patients. Thus, when it comes to managing and treating cancer, several times you will find yourself amidst the problems like hair loss. This might even go to the extent of baldness.

Connection between Hair Loss and Cancer

The Reason why Cancer Treatments lead to Hair Loss

In order to treat cancer, the treatment is done and this would affect the cancer cells as well as the normal cells. This means that when you have been seeking treatment for cancer, hair loss is about to come. In some patients you will see less hair loss and in some you will see more. But, the connection between hair loss and cancer can be established. You must however know that the extent to which the hair is lost depends upon the dose of treatment and for the span it has been given. There is some ray of hope and thus as soon as the therapy is over, the hair would grow back again.

What Happens in Radiation Treatment?

In radiation treatment for cancer you will see that the area where the radiation is given there would be hair loss and baldness. Chemotherapy which is one of the most popular therapies in cancer does lead to hair loss. So, many people have the question in mind and that is, are there any way with which one can seek freedom form hair loss due to chemotherapy drug. Well, it is important to note that a few chemotherapy drugs do cause hair loss while others don’t. So, when your treatment starts, you should get all the information to the doctor.

Here are some of the Important things to keep in mind for Hair Care:

♥ When cancer treatment is going on you must avoid using too many styling equipments like curlers, strengtheners and dryers.

♥ It would be better to keep hair shorter as it would be simple and easy to manage the same.

♥ When you are on cancer treatment and if you have lost ample of hair due to the same then your scalp would become bit tender. In that case, you must take good care of the sensitive scalp. Now, while using the combs and brushes, make sure that you use softer and gentle combs and brushes.

♥ When you have to go out in sun, you must wear a hat so that you can keep the scalp well protected.

There are many drugs and medications available to help in hair loss while the chemotherapy treatment is going on in the patient. But what matters is, you must first take good care of your scalp skin and take reviews about the medications online. This will help you have an idea that what can be the good hair care regime for the patients who suffer form cancer treatment related hair loss. Get the solutions quickly and in better ways. We hope you liked our article on hair loss and cancer.

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