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We always think that topical remedies and treatment for your hair would make them healthy and shining. But, we often forget that for having beautiful healthy hair, we have to nourish them. For this, the right food also plays a key role. If you have been looking for the same, you have landed up in the right place. Here we give you info about nutrients for healthy hair.

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Foods that you Should Eat for Healthy Hair

Some nutrients help you with healthy hair. Just read on for more details:

1. Fatty fish:

Fatty fishes are those that have high content of Omega-3 fatty acids. If you include this in your diet almost every day then you can have beautiful healthy hair. Salmon and Sardines help in giving you this particular nutrient in lots and so try to include that in your diet.

2. Spinach:

Spinach is very healthy and it also has the tendency to keep your hair look shining and healthy. But you must pair Spinach with the foods that are high in vitamin C so that the iron in spinach is absorbed to the maximum extent. If you are looking for a quick nutritious food then make a salad out of tomato and spinach leaves and squeeze one lemon into it.

3. Coconut water:

Coconut water is very high in potassium and it also has healthy fats, minerals and vitamin E. Thus, if you are looking for healthy and shining hair then drinking coconut water everyday would keep your scalp healthy and would also supply necessary nutrients to the hair strands.

4. Walnuts:

Walnuts are very rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and Omega-6 fatty acids. Have walnuts everyday and see how your hair would look mesmerizing.

5. Tomatoes:

We often underestimate tomatoes as they are abundantly available to us. But they are superheroes for hair as they have high amount of antioxidants which can help your hair to stay smooth and healthy.

6. Oatmeal:

We might get bored with oatmeal as most of the times; this is what we have for breakfast. But for those with brittle and damaged hair, oatmeal works like magic. Oatmeal is high in magnesium and biotin which can keep your hair strands free from all sorts of breakage issues.

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If you include all the above foods in your daily diet then you can actually keep your hair well nourished. Our hair actually displays how our food habits and health are. Those who have a poor diet often have brittle and damaged hair. Nutrients for healthy hair are therefore important and you must never underestimate them. Food is something that really helps you in staying healthy by all means. If you wish to have a very good skin texture and hair texture then you should include more of organic and healthy foods in your diet. Omega 3 fatty acids, Omega 6 fatty acids, minerals, Vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E etc are all important for healthy and shining hair. We hope you liked our information on nutrients for healthy hair and you would imbibe this in your life too.

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