How to Take Care of Oily Skin in winter


We would think that wow amazing! Winters have come and so now, people who have oily skin would not need the blotting papers any more. You will also spend less time cleansing the skin now and then and applying powder on the T zone of your face frequently. So, do you think that now since winters have come you will get rid of all the things you used in summers? Like, all the beauty products and cosmetics? Well, you can’t abandon all of that! Since you have oily skin you still have to take care of Oily Skin in Winter. Just look here how!

Take Good Care of Oily Skin in Winter


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How to Take Good Care of Oily Skin in Winter ?

You should wash your face with a good cleansing face wash twice a day. This is still vital. You can’t let this go. This is because, still, you have over active sebum glands and this can produce too much of oil. To be on a safer side it would be better to keep your face oil free. This would be possible by washing the face twice a day.

After you have washed the face, you will have to apply water based moisturizer. This will add hydration to the skin and avoid it being dry.

Now, choose a good quality non-comedogenic sun screen cream and apply it on your skin that would be exposed to the sun. In winters too you have to be careful of sun rays as that would create sun burn or skin damage.

Again, don’t be happy for winters. You should apply water based moisturizer properly on your skin and in winters you may have to re-apply the same. This is because, if you don’t do that then the skin would become dry once again and the sebum glands would work harder to produce oil. This will finally create acne.

In winters, you must use the products with salicylic acid. This will help in fighting with inflammation of skin.

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These are some of the tips you can use to take care of oily skin in winter. We hope you liked this article and at the same time it has enlightened you to don’t become too bold in winters. You still have to be careful if you have an oily skin. Oily skin is prone to many issues especially acne. In order to take good care of oily skin in winter make a proper and healthy skin regime for daily purpose and follow the same. Whether its winter or summer, you must keep your skin healthy and free from all sorts of dangers.

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