Some Winter Skin Care Secrets you need to Know!


Winters come with breeze and chills. It’s pleasant but yes, it’s a challenge for your skin. If you wish to know a few Winter Skin Care Secrets then just read on. In winters, skin care truly becomes a matter of concern. But if you follow a good and healthy skin care regime then you can save yourself from flaky and dry skin. Heading towards winters? Try to include these things for your winter skin care regime.

Winter Skin Care Secrets you Should Know


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Winter Skin Care Secrets you Should Know

1. Get a facial first:

Before winters start, you should take up a facial. This will help you have a clean and healthy skin. So, before you have to face the cold weathers you should be ready with soft and supple skin. Now, get a facial first and then follow the other stuff. Make sure, you use a natural or organic facial which would help in getting you a beautiful skin tone.

2. Drink gallons of water:

Even though its winters, that does not mean you should compromise in drinking water. You should still drink ample of water and that will help you keep your skin hydrated. People who want to have healthy skin should follow this tip.

3. Still use a good sun block:

So what it is winters! You still have to use a good sun block. Sun screen lotions do not go on a vacation when winters come up. You should use a good sun block and apply it multiple times a day to save your skin form harmful UV rays.

4. Use a good moisturizer:

In winters you would be tempted to use petroleum. But if you already have an acne prone skin then make sure that you avoid using petroleum jelly on your lips and skin. You should rather use a good hydrating moisturizer. For lips, home made balms would really work wonders.

5. Use a good hydrating serum:

We often forget that we have to use a good hydrating serum below the moisturizer. This is because if you stay in the areas where there would be lot of dryness, chills and snow, you need an extra layer for sealing the moisture. A good serum can help you do that.

6. Prefer a cream cleanser:

When you have to cleanse your skin, rather than a gel cleanser, use cream cleansers. This is because; if you use normal cleansers then that would add to dryness. Use a good cream cleanser and keep skin clean and hydrated.

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7. Take oil baths:

You should use bath oils while you are taking bath. These would help in keeping your skin in perfect condition. Often a bath would dry up the skin further but adding some amazing bath oils, a few drops of them would help to keep your skin moisturized.

8. Use a good hand lotion:

You might have dry chapped hands in winters. Make sure you have already got a good hand lotion prior to the season starts.

If you follow these winter skin care secrets then you would really be in the position to face this extreme climate with braveness. All the very best!

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