How to Make Alcohol Free Natural Perfume at Home ?


Natural and home made perfumes are really in demand these days. People are learning these things and finding out the benefits of the same. Thos perfumes as available in the market and cosmetic shops might be loaded with chemicals and alcohol. Thus, to save you from such harshness it would be better to try the Home Made Natural Perfumes. Here are some of the easy and useful recipes to create a DIY natural perfume.

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Recipes for Amazing Natural Perfume

The reason why you need to use home made perfumes is that, these are really very good in use and they would help you in keeping away from harshness of chemicals. Also, when you want things to be affordable, this will help you in saving your money too!

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1. Create a base:

The first thing is that when you want to create a perfume, you can either us heavy essential oils or coconut oil for the same. Also, if you don’t want to use the oils then you can even use filtered water.

2. Jojoba and sandalwood:

Take a small container and put 1oz jojoba oil and 3 drops of sandalwood oil into it. Put 1 oz distilled water into it. Now, this is one of the natural perfumes ready which will really give you the amazing aroma and fragrance.

3. Lemon and orange:

If you are an organic person then you can even try using 1 oz of distilled water and putting 5 drops of lemon oil and 5 drops of orange oil.

4. Jasmine:

You can take some rose water and add jasmine oil into it. This would also be an amazing perfume for girls.

Now, this really proves that you can create your own perfumes with your choice. This will surely give you the best feel.

Why are Alcohol Based Chemicals Harmful ?

The reason why alcohol based chemicals are harmful is mainly because they might cause some allergic reaction in your body. Some people get rashes or redness on the skin or forehead even when they use perfume on the shirt of dress. That’s the basic reason why you should keep away from the chemical based perfumes.

Buying them are costly affairs too. But since you have no options, you often opt for these things. The best thing would be to create your own perfume and use it.

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How long these Natural Perfumes would stay? 

You need not expect these natural perfumes to stay all day long; they would go away within 2-3 hours. But what you should do is you should fill up the naturally made perfume in the spray bottle. Carry it wherever you go along with yourself. Now, what you can do is, just apply it whenever you feel that the fragrance would come again. The best thing about these perfumes is they are natural and completely different. Thus, there would be a unique aroma that you would have and people would die to know, what you are using? Don’t tell them the secret!

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