The Right Ways to Apply Nail Polish Properly


It is really expensive to opt for the salon manicured nail and nail polish. So, it would be good to learn how to apply nail polish like a professional. If you know the right way to apply nail polish then you can actually look like a Glam girl and at the same time your nail polish would last for long. So, here we show you The Right Ways to Apply Nail Polish Properly.

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The Right Ways to Apply Nail Polish Properly

Right Ways to Apply Nail Polish:

1. The very first step that you must follow is properly trimming and filing the nails. Trimming you will do fine. But while filing the nails, you may go ahead with the back and forth movement. But this is something that would create uneven edges. So, you must file the nail in one direction only.

2. You may feel that cutting the cuticles may give nice look to the nails and this is what often the experts do at salon too. But this is not good. Avoid doing this.

3. Clean your nails properly before you actually sit for polishing the nails. Take some soap and water and then wash your hands thoroughly and see the magic. The hands would get free for dirt and if there are some oils or something around the nail area then you can get rid of the same.

4. Now, since you are sitting for nail polish we expect that you have bought a good quality nail polish that would be free from harmful chemicals. The very first thing that you must do is apply the base coat. Again, the base coat should also be of very good quality. The reason why you must apply the base coat is that the nail polish would cling to the nail properly after you have applied the base coat.

5. Now, since your nails are ready with the base coat you must apply the nail polish and let it dry for the while. Apply it properly at the side and even at the middle. Leave it to dry for 2 minutes and then apply the second coat. Normally, two coats should be enough. But if you are looking for darker look then in that case you will have to again apply the third coat.

6. Now, apply top coat above that so that the nail polish can remain as it is for some days. This gives protection to the nails.

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Once you have followed all the steps properly one after the other you can take up the touch up thing. Something that has spread out of the nails can be removed with the nail polish remover.

Now, you can keep your stuff inside again. It is important that you store all these things in cool and dark places. You can store the nail polish in refrigerator too. We hope, now you know how to apply the nail polish in the right way so that there is no issue as such. We want you to get salon type looks and for that you must follow all the above steps very carefully.

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