How can you Treat Psoriasis at Home?


If you love being within best skin then obviously you will not love having the patches of psoriasis. The dry, red and inflamed patches can really irritate you and you would want some quick solution for the same. Part from displaying depressing looks; psoriasis would really create lot of discomfort. It is still not known that whether psoriasis is an infection. It is an autoimmune disorder and can happen to anyone.   Thankfully, psoriasis is not contagious in nature. But certain factors might trigger psoriasis and this would include alcohol, stress, and lack of hygiene, sun burn and medications.

home remedies psoriasis

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You can however try a few home remedies and this will really help you in controlling the flaring up of psoriasis. However, you should consult the dermatologist for the longer term. But these below mentioned home remedies will provide temporary relief.

Home Remedies of Psoriasis

1. Reduce stress-ors:

You should avoid all kinds of stress. If you feel some people are irritating you or if you are getting stressed due to certain situations then you should try to either avoid the situation or keep your mind occupied. You need to reduce stress in your life by all means. This will really give you a perfect life where there would be a better metabolism. In this way you can reduce the effect of psoriasis on the skin.

2. Have gluten free diet:

In some people psoriasis can be due to gluten. Also, reducing dependence on gluten free diet can give you some relief from the concerned skin condition.

3. Drink lots of water:

You should drink ample of water. This is because in psoriasis the skin faces dry and itchy patches. You should drink water and in this way keep the skin hydrated. This will help you in getting some relief from the skin condition.

4. Turmeric:

Turmeric in anti-inflammatory in nature and this gives turmeric a chance to reduce the effect on psoriasis on the skin. It is true that there are no scientific evidence in this regards but still, turmeric can have some positive effects on patients who suffer from psoriasis. Turmeric should be added to honey or it should be mixed with food and should be consumed. It can also be mixed with milk and this can have a boost in immune system too.

5. Aloe gel:

Aloe Vera is an effective plant and it is enriched with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. You can remove aloe gel from the stem of the aloe plant and that gel can be applied on the affected areas of the skin. You will see that the skin would become soothed.

6. Tea tree oil:

Some people who use tea tree oil for skin conditions like psoriasis, have received some relief. However, there are no scientific evidences in this regards.

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You can use all the above remedies for getting your skin some relief from the irritating itchy and dry patches. It is also believed that people who have psoriasis should make certain potent changes in diet as well. There should be more inclusion of alkaline foods. One should avoid acidic and sour food items. Also, there should be dependence on fresh fruits and veggies rather than too much of processed and junk food items.

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