How can Alcohol Affect your Skin ?


It is true that on most of the good days or times when we wish to celebrate something we like to have a cocktail. But have you ever thought as to what alcohol can do to your skin? Well, as per the leading dermatologists all over the world, alcohol, even though makes you feel good, it is harmful and can do a lot bad to your skin. It is a hepatotoxin and since it is a toxin you should stop taking it if you wish to detox your body. People who have alcohol too often do have dehydrated skin which is less fresh and smooth. The congeners as present in alcohol also leads to liver damage which would further make your skin look dull and dry.

alcohol for skin

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Some People say that Red Wine is not Harmful

It is true that clear shots, dark shots, white wine and other such alcoholic drinks do worse than red wine. But red wine is no hero. This is because even though red wine is high in antioxidants, it can create problems like more histamine release, dehydration, hangover etc in the person. Thus, alcohol in any form should be avoided as it would make your skin look dull and dry.

Here’s how you can take up Alcohol Detox and make your Skin Beautiful again 

1. Leaving alcohol can treat your dull and dry skin naturally:

If you drink excessive alcohol then it can make your plump and fresh skin quite dark and dull. Thus, it would be better to stop alcohol. Leaving it can give your body the detox effect and slowly and gradually your skin can achieve replenishment. But along with leaving alcohol you also should have fruits like oranges, apples and cherries. This would make your skin glow once again.

2. Leave alcohol and say bye to wrinkles:

Alcohol can really make your skin dry which can further create damage like wrinkled skin. Keep away from alcohol and rather drink plenty of water. This will give you skin a glowing look.  Eat lot of fresh fruits and veggies and keep away from sugary drinks and processed foods too.

3. Say bye to alcohol and say bye to puffy eyes too:

People who have alcohol out of limit often get puffy eyes and this can give you aged and dull look. Dark circles are also one of the reasons of having alcohol. If you stop taking alcohol then you can get your lovely eyes back which can give your face a perfect look.

If you stop taking alcohol then you can really feel great as there would be no dehydration and your skin will also improve in tone and look.

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Some of the cosmetic products too have alcohol

With the above discussion it is clear that consuming alcohol can really create many issues and it could snatch away the freshness and hydration of your skin. But alcohol as present in cosmetics can also be harmful for skin in the longer run. The skin gets dull and dehydrated with the use of cosmetics and products that have alcohol in them. However, there is good alcohol too. Fatty alcohols are used as thickeners in many cosmetic products and they might not be that harmful.

Check the labels while buying the products if possible.

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