Get to know about Body Art and It’s Side Effects


Earlier, tattoos were something which is kept by only those persons who works on a ship i.e. sailors and the body part which people pierced was only their ears. Nowadays, piercing and tattoos seem to be in trend and it is everywhere. But, tattoos and piercing come with some risks. Take some precautions that will help you to get the best results from your new body art and avoid side affects.

People who wish to get a tattoo or body piercing should go to a tattoo parlour and discuss with the artists about the safety procedures working at the shop. By following safety procedures, tattoo artists and body piercers can protect themselves and their customers from the viruses and bacteria that can cause some health hazards.

side effects of body art

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Side Effects of Body Art:


One should avoid getting tattoos done by the needles which are once used in tattooing because it can cause severe diseases like Hepatitis and HIV.

Skin Infections and Allergies:

After tattooing skin infections is possible like pain, redness, swelling etc. When your skin gets exposed to the sun the tattoo ink will start irritating you if the tattoo gets done by the ink used in the tattoo. So avoid getting tattoos done by the used ink.

Bloodborne Diseases:

If the equipment that used to make your tattoo happens to be contaminated with the infected blood then various blood borne diseases may arise including tetanus, hepatitis B and hepatitis C.

MRI Complications:

During MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) exams swelling and burning may happen in the tattooed areas. If the tattoo is in big area and design of tattoo contains black ink then it can be problematic as black ink contains iron oxide. It is found that newer inks are much safe to use so getting tattoos done u should find out what your artist uses.


During the process of tattooing if your blood vessels get injured then the risk of bruises may occur.

Medical Issues:

After getting tattoos done some severe problems may arise in the future when you go for any medical examination as some tattoo inks contain harmful chemicals.

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So before you get a tattoo make sure and think carefully about it and take all of the above precautions. Also follow all the instructions provided by your artist. After getting a tattoo done take good care of your tattoo like removal of the bandage after 24 hours , keep your tattooed skin very clean, keep using some moisturizer to your tattooed skin, avoid the exposure of your tattooed skin from the sun, stay out of the swimming, choose your clothes which may stick to the tattoo.

It is important for you to ensure that you try to look forward to an experienced one for your body art. This would help you in a good way to stay yourself on a much safer side that would not lead to any worry at all. If you are able to get the right source it would not really make you get tensed.

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