How to cope up with Migraine Attacks ?


Headache can really hamper your routine and when the ache relates to migraine then it is simply unbearable. Migraine has become a common health issue. Many men and women become the victims of migraine attacks and the headache they have is simply intolerable. Doctors believe that migraine might be due to certain neurovascular imbalance in the brain.

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Can painkillers be the only solution for this? Well, the people who suffer from migraine should know as to how to cope up with migraine attacks. This will help them in facing the situation bravely. It is still not known as to why in some people there are triggers of migraine attacks. But if you find out a few methods or tricks to face the situation then it would surely work in your favour.

Here’s how you can cope up with Migraine Attacks:

1.   Migraine medication from doctor:

Since migraine creates unbearable ache in your head, it is really un-practical to not pop a painkiller. As soon as the problem starts you should see the doctor and talk to him about it. He would prescribe you a few low dose medications. You can try if such medications work. If the pain does not respond to low doses then again you can approach the doctor for heavy dose. Most of the doctors prescribe anti-epileptic medications or anti-depressant medications or beta blockers for the pain as associated with migraine attacks. You should never start any new medication of your choice without asking the doctor.

2.   Make changes in your routine:

You should make a few changes in your routine. If you have been quite irregular then now is the time to do everything on time. It includes, you should get up on time and then go for a walk or take up some physical activity. You should then have a nutritious breakfast. Through out the day you should drink ample of water. You should complete your work on time so that stress would not bother you. You should stay happy and tensionless. Yoga and meditation will really give you relief from any sort of tension. Make it your habit.

3.   Try to add some foods in your diet:

Some of the foods like flax seeds, broccoli, avocados, cayenne peppers, tofu, lettuce, bananas and apricots tend to give some amount of relief from migraine related headaches. Try to add such foods in your diet daily in some or the other way.

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4.   Try aromatherapy:

As per the available researches, aromatherapy has the power to soothe brain and nerves. It has the effect like meditation. Try aromatherapy and get relief from headaches or migraine attacks.

aromatheraphy for migraine

5.   Try certain herbal supplements:

Herbal supplements are quite powerful in treating or prevention migraine attacks. But before you start any herbal supplement, you should talk to the doctor so as to avoid any interactions with the migraine medications that you have been taking. Chamomile. Green tea, ginger root, Lemon balm, etc are some of the most popular herbal treatments for migraine.

Some people are lucky that after proper treatment they get freedom from headaches. But some people have this problem on continuous basis and every now and then they have to face the painful scene. Such patients should continue the medications with the doctor’s guidance.

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