Fruits – The Secret Behind Glowing Skin


Ever wondered how your grandmother’ skin always looks so beautiful and radiant. Earlier there weren’t countless creams or beauty products to make the skin look fresh, glowing and lovely. Our grandmothers and great grandmothers simply relied on natural ingredients and methods to maintain the quality of their skin. You must have tried various facial creams only to find more damage to your skin. These products are loaded with harsh chemicals and your sensitive skin needs something gentler. But now you can relax as here is the secret behind your granny’s beautiful skin and you will be pleased to know that its in your very own kitchen.

Fruits are like a blessing in disguise for the skin. Including fruits in your daily diet is the best thing you can do for your skin. Eating fruits helps in improvement of skin texture, skin rejuvenation and natural hydration. It also makes your skin radiant and youthful as well as gives you a Glowing Skin. The best thing about fruits is that they have absolutely no side effects and are cost effective. They are free from the toxins as well and have innumerous health benefits.

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Listed Below are some of the Best Fruits for Glowing Skin:

Bananas for Glowing Skin

1) Bananas

Bananas being rich in vitamin E, vitamin B and vitamin A, work as an anti-ageing agent. Go for a face pack including freshly mashed bananas and a little honey to get radiant skin. Bananas are a rich source of potassium, magnesium, minerals and fiber which help in proper blood circulation in the body and build the immunity as well. They are a great alternative for unhealthy snacks we hog on between the meals.

Oranges for Glowing Skin

2) Oranges

Oranges are loaded with vitamin C and thus it helps in enhancing the skin texture. They slow down ageing process naturally and remove all spots and blemishes. Peel a few oranges and then dry these peels. Powder them and store in a good airtight container. You can use this powder as a natural scrub 1-2 times in a week to get gorgeous glowing skin.

Apples for Glowing Skin

3) Apples

Apples contain a very high antioxidant level which prevents the cell and tissue damage as well as aging. It also helps in minimizing wrinkles and fine lines and keeps the bowels clean. Make a mixture of apple juice and honey and apply it on your face. Let it dry and after some, rinse it off. This acts as an extremely good hydrating mask.

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Lemons for Glowing Skin

4) Lemons

Lemons are packed with vitamin C and have useful natural bleaching properties. This is why lemon is considered as a great cleanser that lightens scars, blemishes, spots, acne and skin tone. Begin your day with one glass of warm water with a bit of lemon juice and one teaspoon of honey. This cleanses your skin from within and fights cellulite.

Papaya for Glowing Skin

5) Papaya

Papayas contain papain, an enzyme as well as antioxidants and thus it can remove all the dead cells and banish all the impurities from your skin when used topically.

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